Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tot School: We Love Puzzles!

Occasionally, I finish work at 10pm and last night was another late one. When I reached home, the first thing he said to me was "Eh!" like he was surprised to see me. Hmmm, forgotten your mommy, huh?

Then he said, "Up" (in a rather bossy manner)

I was observing him at work for a while before Daddy joined us. Then, WHAM! I came to realise something..

When it's just the two of us, Tiger tend to be more independent and self-reliant. He would sit down, focus and try to complete his puzzle by himself.

However, if Daddy joins's a different story. after every piece he placed correctly, he would look at Daddy and wait for him to applaud!! OMG!! Attention and praise seeker!! Showboat!!

The rascal has realised that Mommy don't praise. {I'm sorry babe, after I read Nurture Shock and Brain Rules, praising is kept to a minimum}

Now, I understand why he doesn't indicate his ears/eyes/nose/feet, etc for me no matter how nicely I ask. When Daddy is the one asking, he'll do it like a routine! Hah, so I am the bad guy for not praising. I'll have to ban Daddy from school time..

Anyways, back to business:

This cheap numbers EVA foam came together with the alphabet ones.
Just like the alphabets, Tiger loved it.
He can complete this independently now.
Daddy didn't believe he could do it, but we showed him
I love watching him pointing to the numbers and reciting them in his own baby language.

This small pegged numbers puzzles is also Tiger's fav.
I love that it encourages pincer grip.
He is pretty good with this but sill require some help.

He gave it daily attention.

 The gradated rods are a little boring for him at this stage.
He'll just arrange the rods randomly into the box, applaud his own work and move on

He couldn't ignore the Grolier Fun Thinkers

Combining flashcards, puzzles and rods.
I love this pic where he is tracing the number while giberrish-ing.
Funny boy!

We are still doing maths until this weekend and Tiger is loving his Tot Trays. Each and everyone. Letter M setup is most successful tray setup ever! Woohoo!

I think it's because it's maths & numbers. Mommy's effort has nothing to do with the sudden love and interest.

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