Sunday, 13 November 2011

Tot School: L Is For Leaf

‘Un’schooling Tiger Week 14 (9th- 14th Oct 2011) @ 17 months

Letter L
Theme: Leaf/Nature

It's been real bad timing for nature work during this time of the year when it is raining daily. We are cutting 'leaf week' short cause the weather has been a real party pooper.

Our school hour revolves around Tiger's love for art nowadays.
He is currently the boss of his own activities (after I set up his art center). 
Our Daily Home Practice has been reduced to this:

Mommy: Let's sing 'I Love You' song, ok?
Tiger: Signs "crayon/drawing"
Mommy: We sing first, ok?
Tiger: Aaaahhhhhh.....
Mommy: OK, we crayon. STAT

For some reason he finds the white crayon fascinating..
L for leaf printed from 1+1+1=1

We managed to go for a walk one evening and he picked some dry leaves.
We had to run home when it suddenly poured ^.^

Here, he is painting his leaf.
We put it up on the wall after he was done with it.
After this activity, he can recognize leaves.

We also did some 'dot-dot' (that's what he calls dot painting) for letter L and leaf.

Carisa's Montessori printout for Nature.
We placed it in his dry erase center and used dry-erase crayons.
Tiger scribbled as I read out the names and traced the words

My Lil artist, complete with brush, smock and easel.
I have adjusted the height of the mini easel but he stills prefers to sit.

Stickers are also a favourite with this boy.

He would sticker all day long if I let him.

On Saturday morning, grandma commented, "He has not sung the Shape Song for some time"
Wahaha, he immediately asked for it.
I gave him his laminated shapes and he showed me one at a time for me to name them.
Then, he danced with his beloved square and circle and ignored the rest.

Tot Trays:
He enjoyed playing with his new M&D geometric stacker.
He had his own way, as long as everything is stacked, he's happy ^.^
He also enjoyed throwing the sphere part at me!
Ignored the rest of the trays..I'll have to do better!!

We also did a lot of dancing.
He loves the "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes" song.
 Demonstrating HEAD

and TOES

When it rains, we play indoor.
He LOVES his train table

Hiding in his ball tent from Daddy de Monster!!

When we have a day of clear skies....
Out we go!!
Messy art time with an old box.

Even Daddy couldn't resist :p

Kisses for my lil painter ^.^

When he realised we were playing with water too,
it was pure JOY..
Gosh, I love this kid for all the love he brings into my life

Since it was Leaf Week, he bathe with leaves..

On Sunday, we were lucky to have a clear evening.
So, out came the huge inflatable pool that hasn't seen the light of day for a long time.

I gave him his box of outdoor/water play toys to choose.
Silly me, he took everything and dumped them into the pool!

On to M for Money/Math next!! Woohoo...Tiger would love it since he is crazy about maths and numbers

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