Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Toys: Tiger's Playroom Update

I am always tired nowadays.

Last night was a terrible mommy moment. We went for a short walk and then played school for 30 minutes before I collasped on my bed. I could hear him crying to come upstairs to do more work but I just couldn't move a muscle. My poor baby...

To compensate for my incompetence, I spruced up Tiger's playroom with an area for open ended play.

This is Tiger's view from the door.
The major items that he loves are not rotated, namely the slide and the Fisher Price Learning Home.

I have added a ball tent to replace the ball pit

The newly organized open-ended play area with the train table.
The train table is from Gift2kids.
One of my best investments.
At least 30 minutes of undivided attention from Tiger DAILY. Enough said.

My favourite part of the room, the baskets for open ended play:

On the top row, from left to right:
1. Mega blocks
2. Wooden Imaginarium blocks
3. Wisdom builders (USL). These are basically linking quarters
Middle row, from left to right:
1. Sponge alphabets (ELC)
2. Fake grass and some miniature farm animals for imaginary play
3. Wedgits

Bottom row, from left to right:
1. Train table tracks and parts
2. Tiger's fav miniature dinosaurs
3. Kitchen play things

On the tall shelf to the left:
Colourful IKEA baskets hold:
1. Hand puppets
2. A small rabbit with a hair brush
3. Two soft cars (K kids)

Below them:
1. Wooden bead maze (IKEA)
2. A pull-along shapes stacker (Fun & Cheer)
3. A wooden stacking train (Fun & Cheer)

*He ignores these usually. This will be his bookshelf later on as his collection grows.

The out of rotation toys.
I am aware of how much I have amassed over the past 1 year.
I wish I can hide them somewhere.

Thanks to Melissa, I found Janet Lansbury.

If you are too lazy to comb through her site, here are few play-based articles worth reading:
1. Spoiling Our Kids
4. If you are contemplating sending your child to a play gym or class: read this: Focus or Freedom? This was one of the issues that was bugging me when I send Little Tiger to Tweedlewink. Time restriction. It doesn't bode well with a toddler's natural instinct to play and explore. I can't imagine how infants and toddlers in a Schicida class would feel? Overwhelmed?

I am sure every parent have the best of their child's interest. We all want to give our children a head start and create the best environment for them. I am still finding my direction and hopefully I will find it soon. 

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