Friday, 11 November 2011

Toys: Tiger's Play Area

When I am stressed, I clean and organize. It's my coping mechanism. I'm weird, I know.

Just because I always post pictures of Tiger in his study room doesn't mean that he has no play. We live in a small house, slightly bigger than an apartment. {I am trying to say that we are not rich, so please don't rob us.}

Therefore, in order to create space, we all sacrifice a little on the interior. Hubby's a little crabby about the arrangement but I promised to leave our bedroom alone. NO TOYS IN DADDY'S ROOM. (Well, except Daddy's PS3)

This is his play area in the main living space:

The floor space is defined by his alphabet mat. He tears them apart daily while practising his phonics.

A keyboard for his jamming a.k.a noise making sessions

Cheap plastic drawers to keep his spare change of clothes, diapers, wet tissues, lotion, etc. This is also his change area in the afternoon.

The bookshelf which is not very child-friendly holds his:
1. DVDs (that he doesn't watch) and CDs
2. His Chinese talking pen with the books and poster. (Out of reach as they are paperbacks) and hand sanitizer.
3. A Fisher-price stacker, 2 wooden cars (IKEA) and a Leapfrog pot
4. A Fisher-price shape sorter, a robotic dog and IKEA peg pounder

Next to the shelf:
His book basket
Alphie (Playskool)
His Fisher-price potty (Grandma thinks he is ready for EC)

* I rotate his toys and book 2 weekly. I tried to do it weekly but I am getting lazy :p

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