Monday, 21 November 2011

Art & craft: Painting Rocks!

Just in case the title is a bit confusing, we painted some decorative stones (I thought that rocks sounded cooler!) and oh yeah, we think that painting rooocksss!!!

Tiger already has his heart set on messy stuff every weekend.
On Saturday morning, he woke me up with slob and started whining to get outside.
Oh, wait... that's my imaginary dog, Patch.
Daddy thinks it's funny that Tiger whines. He's only 17 months!!

I love his fisherman's hat!
Daddy thinks it ain't cool but he's OK with it after I promised it's for home use only
(It's from Mothercare, ok?)

My super-focused little painter!

Nothing is more important than art except FOOD!
Mommy's breakfast: chee cheong fun and coffee

He immediately abandoned his work and made himself available and very comfortable :)

Contented after food and waiting for his bath outside ^.^

 On Sunday, he woke up crying for art again (He signed drawing very vigorously)
We couldn't draw as we had to go to the indoor playground in Gardens, Midvalley.
Just in case anyone's wondering why we couldn't play outdoors in sunny Malaysia?

1. It ain't sunny. It's burn-your-butt and fry-your-hair HOT in Malaysia!
2. Mommy's too lazy to get up early on Sundays. I will soon, I hope.
3. It rains without warning nowadays.
4. Indoor playground also means shopping and Borders. *Evil grin*
Oh, also I found Art Friend in Gardens which is like the mothership art and craft store....woohoo! Bought some googly eyes, sparkly mod podge and sponge brushes.
5. It's padded. So, no cuts or bruises for my boy who runs everywhere like a drunken.

He loved the mini maze at the top of the huge contraption.
Luckily I am not osteoporotic yet..
"I would climb it a million times just to see that smile on your face." (I'm so corny, I know)

A loving moment with the horsey..
All I kept thinking was, the germs on that thing...wahaaha....OCD overdrive!!!!

 MommyTiger loved the jumbo slide.
He tried to defy gravity like what he does at home and laughed his butt off trying.

 This ship is always a favourite.
I love this pic cause he reminds me of ME when I am nagging..LOL

It was a fun and very tiring trip.
Mommy went to Borders bookstore and got more books:
We found Chicka Chicka Boom Boom ABC...yay! It's now officially the boom boom book.
It was love at first sight/song for Tiger. Yup, I sang it OUTLOUD in Borders, many times in fact.
The Indian gentleman at the corner kept giving me a look.
I think he was trying not to laugh.
Dang, it is an old song and I couldn't remember some parts but come on, it couldn't have been that bad!

 This is the book cover and this is the song

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