Thursday, 17 November 2011

Messy Play: Messy Maths For Toddler

After doing Tot Trays for some time,
I have come to realize that, the noisier and messier the tray, the more popular it will be.


I have some leftover coloured rice from our ocean sensory bin and some EVA foam numbers.

Result: Teeny Sensory Bin (Cause it's smaller than mini)

He wasted no time in getting his hands dirty coloured ^.^

The plan was to 'gently' extract the numbers and put them back into the template.

Hah! Some game plan!

He was so interested in the rice, he ignored the numbers.

On Day 1,  I gave him a spoon and and tricked guided him to do some scooping.

He enjoyed  this very much.

Hopefully, this will improve his table manners as well.

On Day 2, he found the spoon and started searching for the tray.

OK, I'll admit that I hid it above the drawers. I have some control issues.

I said: "Wait, daarrrrling. We'll do it last ok?"

Tiger: Aaaahhhhhhhh

Mommy: OK

I am starting to see a disturbing trend here  =.="

And off he goes, doing his best at making a mess.

My sweet boy also helped with the cleaning up.

What he didn't know was he wasn't much help at all :p

It's the thought that counts ^.^

I gave him his clean-up bucket

(Please excuse the foot at the corner, it wanted to join in the fun and be part of the pic too) 

The glorious mess and the Commander of Chaos walking away from the battlefield.

Job well done, my man!

Not much of Maths but tons of fun. Just how learning should be ^.^


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