Sunday, 27 November 2011

Tot School:Rounding Up Math Week

‘Un’schooling Tiger Week 15(15th- 28th Oct 2011) @ 17 months

Letter M
Theme: Math/Money/Numbers

We are wrapping up maths after 2 weeks. He really enjoyed the tot trays. So much so that he did not ask for worksheets! He also enjoyed singing to 10 Little Numbers and Phonics Song on Youtube.

There is an unwritten law that singing can only take place after school work.
And we know who makes the law around here, that will be MOMMY!
Well, I'm boss most of the time anyways.
OK, sometimes...urmmm maybe once in a while.
Fine, I'll admit it...
there are days when we do nothing except singing the same
bl**dy songs repetitively until I fall asleep.

This is my lil' techie trying to play his songs by climbing onto the chair and clicking the mouse like mad.

In a rather unknowing manner, my son has turned into the family jester. Proof:

Last Saturday, my youngest sister, her boyfriend (Clement) and my lil' brother came over for dinner. After thay sat down, Clement asked, "What new tricks can he do now?" I replied indignantly, "Ahem, you think my son is a clown?" Then I turned to Tiger and made him 'perform' his new funny sign 'crying'. (He closes his eyes with his fingers and say wuuhuuhuuhuu dramatically). Such cruelty, I know.

Then, last night, hubby's nephews came over for barbecue and just for fun, I ask Tiger to do  'farting'...hehe...and he did! He lifted one leg and and made farting noise. Wahahaha!
Cuckoo mommy = crazy kiddo.
I throw him a biscuit after each trick. Just kidding :p

On to Tot School business:

I am listing his trays by popularity (as voted by Tiger, tallied by Mommy):

No. 1:  Eva foam Numbers.
He LOVED these.
I think because he can show off by completing it without my help!

No. 2: Small pegged numbers puzzle.
Minimal help from Mommy

No.3: Abacus
He enjoyed counting in his own language and added some 'teens' behind his 'numbers'
I caught a few 'fourteeng's and 'eighteeng's

No. 4: ELC foam numbers
For some reasons, he really enjoyed these.
I used them to put on a show with the abacus.
We counted, sang, used the numbers to move the beads, rolled off the abacus...
He had a blast...

No.5: The pocket chart.
He loved messing up the numbers!
At least it was good fine motor practise.

No. 6: Magnetic numbers
Excellent for hand eye coordination.

Least popular: Mini Numbers Pegs
Still too advanced for him.
He just tried to put them upright in the tray

Best of the week:
Reading frenzy!!

Exhaustion...Reading is hard work  =.="

Boo boo of the week: Mild influenza
That means no water play or messy art.
Instead, we played with SAND!!
Thanks to Aunty Sharon who lugged it back for us from Midvalley!!
It was RM 19 instead the usual RM29.90 from ELC

I tried to make it interesting but he was bored and covered in sweat after a while.
He went to check out the dry fountain.
Ah, children and their amazing observations.
Notice the broom?
Well, Tiger did...

 The place smelled of cow dung because daddy drove over some the night before.
Apparently, Tiger's not very tolerant of the smell too.
So, he tried to help.
Hmmm, if only Daddy was as helpful...

Update on playroom:
It gets its daily dose of love from Tiger.
Occasionally, he will attack the the tiny train town with his baskets.
He loves the wedgits and the sponge alphabets

Tiger is a rascal.
Proof: Caught in the act of throwing the ball at me!

Mommy's fav shot:
My classy boy..
I swear he didn't learn this from me, or did he?

I am sure he will miss Math Week, but we all have to move on in life.
I hope he enjoys bug week cause, ummm, I don't. I'll pretend I LOVE bugs,,,yucks...

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