Sunday, 31 March 2013

Pretend play: Ice cream shop

I was thinking of creating some simple trays for Lil Dragon 
and this recycled can was one of them.

I used it with Tiger loooong ago for inserting pom-poms and you know what?
He saw the can and asked for the same activity.

Sometimes, when people say things like, 
"Ai yah...the kid is only 2. He won't remember laaa."
 I usually respond with a polite but fake smile.

We have too many pom-poms to fit into the can, 
so I asked if he wanted to do anything else.

"Ice Cream Shop"

Okie Dokie  :)

In a flash, I gathered:
A box
Some bowls
Real money

He asked for a "kapi-ruler"

"A what????"



"I count and press press one"



"OMG, what do you call a caterpillar then?"

"Ummm, ka-ti-ruler"  He ROFL

His ice cream, regardless of flavour or size; are all
RM 55,555,555

"Mama, five ringgit"

"Four ringgit can?"

"Can. Discount 1%"

"Actually, 1% discount would be 4.95"

I demonstrated on the 'kapiruler' and his eyes went, "WOW!"

I love being super mom.

Instead of 'study', we played ice cream shop for 3 consecutive days.
He offered to sort the colours.
Then, we debated over a dull green pom-pom. He insisted it was grey.

We decided on the flavors and created a menu together.

When we mix all the flavors together, the concoction is called L.O.V. E.

So corny, kan? But I like, I really do....

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