Sunday, 30 March 2014

A weekend in April 2014

Finally, I had a weekend free from work/appointments/ wedding dinner!!! Woohoo!!!

We had a very productive weekend and being busy actually left me feel much better than having a lazy weekend. Sounds weird, no?

On Saturday, I had my favourite roti canai breakfast with hubby. Just the two of us, kira dating lar.

After I dropped hubby off at his office, I picked up the kids and headed off to Children's Library in Puchong. Found it by luck without Waze...woohoo! Finally, putting my photographic memory to good use since I saw the map once.  All those right brain training finally came in handy!
The kids ran around the place like they owned it. SO malu. I quickly chose 5 books and left hastily. A couple of wrong turns later, we got home safely.

At about 2pm, I wanted to go for my pedi but sadly, the place was fully booked. So, I did what any OCD would, I decluttered my closet. It feels great to finally organize my stuff instead of cleaning the children's things ALL THE TIME. I made a little man cave for hubby by moving the massage chair to my side of the bed and laid out his golf putting mat. Poor dude deserves some TLC too for working so hard.

Then, after the kids woke up from their naps, we went outdoors and played ice cream shop followed by some messy play. Mdm Poh Yew said must play with boxes, so we did.

Fighting to be the server

Lost the fight :(

Making slime

Alphabet slime!

At night, it rained cats and dogs, so we stayed in and Dragon girl served papa her signature play-doh ice was, according to her, "Mmm, mmm, del-cioux"

Sunday morning, hubs woke me up to go to MINES Shopping Center. Yay! Shopping, books!

We lost our way despite using Waze and found Leong Ya restaurant after about 1 hour of driving. Food was decent but not amazing. Then we adjourned to Mines for the boat cruise. Tiger was so, so amazed to be on the boat even though he has seen swans and fishes so many times.
See that balloon? RM6

See that windmill thingy? rm 8...grrrrrr

Boat ride in South Lake
Oh, Tiger's latest ambition now is to drive a boat. Inspired by the boat ride :)

Then, I dumped the kids at Kidz Paradise with Grandma and kakak watching them and headed towards the convention center. Books, oh, books! I was practically dancing my way there. Sadly, the books were rubbish-y and I had a really hard time filling my box. There were so many Miley and HSM books, I felt like vomiting. Will never go on the last day again.

Oh, I erm, also bought a kit of Lepao (like Lasy) blocks otw to the fair =.="
So much for money saving laaaa.
When I turned up 3 hours later, hubby saw the box of Lepao.
I panicked and said, "rm400" then "Oh, fuck. I forgot the rule of marital bliss. Slash everything by 50-70% when reporting to partner"
He shouted said, "So expensive!!!! He won't play one la. Got so many toys...bla...bla...bla"
I was suddenly inflicted with selective deafness and couldn't understand a word he was saying.

The kids slept on the way home and hubs complained about the toll. I must admit it is a lot but WTF, why is he more whiny than me?
No sex for 3 weeks.

That evening, I took out the huge inflatable pool. After 'swimming', we (means maid and I la) bathe the kids, water the plants, washed the cars, floors and wiped all the outdoor furniture. The remainder, we saved into our huge outdoor container. FYI la,  before you start cursing me for wastage.

At night, I was waiting for the two finale episodes of TVB drama, so I made hubby tapao Pizza and we all ate in front of the TV. Then, I reorganized the living room, read to Tiger and before submitting myself for wifely duties...muahahaha.

A great weekend of food, books, play, family and hihi, you know laaaa.
Makes me feel bad that I haven't called my dear parents. Must have lunch with them later.
I love my simple little life.

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