Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Science: Colour Changing Chrysanthemum

As you guys already know, we are doing garden/nature/flowers this week.
Mama needs a break from the haze, hence the whole bringing nature indoors thing.

 Isn't it gorgeous?
I can do this theme for one whole year.
That's a replica of Water Lilies by Monet in the background

 Tiger decided on the experiment after we read this book together.
What Makes A Flower Grow? by Usborne
I make him read out the things needed for the experiment as I wrote/drew a plan.
He listed out sun, worm and ice as well, haha, cause they were illustrated in the page.

 All that is missing is a lab coat!
Pouring water from beaker into test tubes carefully.
He spilled quite a bit intially (use tray!)
but by test tube number 4, he was a pro!

 I coloured the tubes with liberal amount of food coloring.
We had yellow, purple, red, blue, green and a control.

Our pretty flowers in a row!
And test tubes put to good use :)

While we waited, Dragon entertained us...
I bought an extra stalk just for her.
 Only RM 1.30 per stalk from a lady by the roadside. 

The overly excited boy

We labelled our test subjects as any good scientist would.

He waited....

....and waited

She danced...

He went back to the book to check how long he had to wait :)

In 30 minutes, we got this!
Conclusion: plants drink water.

Did you notice our new 'curtain'?
It's Vitaminer from IKEA...such a cheery addition, don't you think

Tiger's 3.5 years old, so I didn't want to bore him with details
like capillary reaction and such. 
For older kids, you may want to provide a better explanation.
I love Steve Spangler Science for reference.

Who said science is boring?  

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Anonymous said...

Aw! Your children are so cute! From what I've seen, your a great parent!
Best wishes :)

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