Thursday, 25 April 2013


eating, drinking, wishing, loving, dreaming 

Tiger is currently.....

Eating more rice and vegetables. The boy loves his greens.  Each mouthful must be either plain rice or plain vegetable or just meat. No mixing allowed. Highly sensitive, remember? *roll eyes*

Drinking bubble tea. Bad influence by Mama. We try to minimise these calorie laden sugary treats to once a week by reminding myself about the German cancer report associated with the tapioca balls. But mannn, it's tough.

Wishing he has a real Ice Cream Shop :)

Loving his Ice Cream Shop with make believe pom poms ice cream

Dreaming about his Birthday since I have been asking for his opinion on the matter. God knows how much I dread planning parties. But hey, who cares about what I feel? Anything for you, baby boy.

Lil Dragon is currently...

Eating boring healthy food but we did allow her a small piece of grandma's birthday pecan butterscotch cake. She had a tiny teeny piece and went nuts. She kept staring at whoever was eating and gulped.....non-stop.

Drinking lots of water. The girl cannot have enough!

Wishing she could beat her brother...haha....just kidding. She has mastered the art of survival for small creatures.....escape and hide.

Loving OSO the bear. She always has a pretty smile on whenever the show comes on and her big dance moves are reserved for him. Very, very delightful to watch. And just like that, OSO is my favorite bear too. 

Dreaming about milk? I have no idea but she seemed pretty pissed off during night feeds. She probably dreams about 'swimming' in breast milk or mama have 10 boobs only to be cruelly disappointed that I only have a pair of 'em.

I am currently.....

Eating A LOT. A friend mentioned HCG diet the other day and I replied,"I am doing THE SECRET DIET. You know, The Secret, right? I just mentally envision that I am losing weight" 
Simplest diet in the world. So far nothing but I SHALL NOT give up.

Drinking some wine. Alcohol is the key to happiness. Seriously, if you are not a MUSLIM and you don't drink......dude, I feel so sorry for you. 
Note: I am not advocating impair-your- liver, all-out alcohol binge. Just a glass, alright?

Wishing my maid is back

Loving my mom so, so much. She just celebrated her 53rd birthday and I wish her good health, happiness and lots of grandchildren *wink wink*. Not from's a secret but I sooooo wanna tell everyone. Arrghh, secrets suck!!!

Dreaming about getting a maid for free. Sigh. Ain't kidding about eating bread and broth for the next 6 months.

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Kristin said...

Hahaha, the breastmilk dreams got me! I think my son may have the same dream!

Randalin @ Harvesting Kale said...

Kale is three and I'm pretty sure he still dreams about swimming in breast milk :)

And, just so I don't totally disappoint your readers if they head over to say hello, Kale and I did plant an egg carton garden a couple weeks ago. Although, it's failing miserably because I clearly do not have a green thumb. :P

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