Friday, 19 April 2013

Lil Tiger: 2 years 10 months

Lil tiger. Almost three.

My life around him is like a roller coaster ride. 

One minute we are both laughing like hyenas and the next he is giving his best impersonation of an epileptic clown. Crazy tot behaviour examples:

We were at A famosa safari park last weekend and la la la....feeding nice so cute....and he kicked a poor chick. It rolled off like a little fluffy ball and Tiger's reaction? He laughed. Sheesh. I did the whole caring mother crap and told him to play nice. The moment i unleashed him, he went on a killing rampage. Some visitor actually took pictures of him doing that. @.@ 
You do know that psychos, anti social murderers torture animals when they were young.

Then he wanted to feed the rabbits. Followed by the goats. Then the sheep. And the elephants. After i paid for the overpriced long beans, he was all: Go away. Don't bite Tiger aaaaah.

I know, i know.... everyone goes through a phase where they morph into a human-monkey. But arrrghhhh sometimes i just want to grab things and throw them at the wall. Just things lar, NOT the kids *rolls eyes*. Unbreakable stuff so that i don't have to clean up later. Sigh.....I need alcohol. It makes me so much more mellow and nice. 

Sometimes, when he returns to planet Earth from whatever Chimps La La Land, he can actually speak in  sentences in a typical Malaysian chinese style. 

His words typically starts with Eh or Oi. He ends them with Hor, Is it, Mah, Lah.
For example,
Eh, mama. This is (insert random thing), is it?
My one hor? Can ah? Can la.
I can do it myself mah, hor (use two for more effect)

I told him not to use the word  huh? whenever he didn't get anything. 

Mama, use what word then?

Ermmm, can you say I beg your pardon? 
Blink blink?????

 "Say, is it?"

Now it's
Ohhh. Like that is it.
My one is it
Whose is it?
Is it? Is it? Is it?

Someone who knows Tiger once asked. I heard your son is a genius. Far from one. Unless you count eating ice cream at lighting speed without brain freeze. Then no.

Guess what he wants for his birthday? A Letter Factory themed party...hehe...not bad, my boy, not bad :)

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