Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Science 3: Magnetic Or Not?

I bought a large horse shoe magnet the day before Lil Dragon's delivery.
Cost me eleven ringgit during Toy R us warehouse sale.

Shopping to relief pre-delivery stress. Worked like a charm 
You can quote me on that.

I keep it with the rest of Tiger's magnetic toys stash and somehow,
that is THE drawer that he likes to rummage for fun.

At first, it was a gun.
"Shoot Mama!"

Then it was a giant letter U

 I demonstrated its magnetism using the fridge and Tiger was impressed.
A magnetic giant U....wow!

We kept it simple by going for a walk.

<<< >>>

The sun was setting and he told me, 
"Mama, so beautiful."

I replied, 
"Thanks, darling, I think I am beautiful too"
Trying magnet on grass. Nope.

Tree trunk.
No, Mama. Cannot.

He was walking towards this.
Took the opportunity to teach him the word

There were a lot of dead spruce tree 'leaves' on the side walk
(if 'leaf' is what you call it)

I shouted, "Worms!"

Tiger jumped a foot.

"Touch it..." I goaded him

"No, you touch first"

"Ohhh....like that lar. If it bites? Bite mama first?"

He replied in a matter of fact way, "Yes, bite you first."


He did not even touch it. Ran off like a chicken.
Please excuse the right foot


Handing over the Magnet
 Slides beat Science, at any given time 

He tried it on brother in law's car as well.
It was already too dark to see if he scratched it...ooops

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