Thursday, 4 April 2013

Lil Dragon: My Lil Samseng

Sweet girl is such a 'samseng'

A cute one larrr.
Her toothy smile turns me into mush.

People take her picture with/without my permission, okay?

I should start charging.
It cost money to make her all ribbony and pretty.
On top of that, college fund and diapers.

Did I mention that I am her fav person in the whole wide world?
What? Only about a million times?

Okay, just saying.

I want to wrap my arms around her until she is like 40

but she is physically so advanced and fearless, she scares the crap out of me.

Look! No hands!

I can climb

Distracted by the camera.
She has Tiger's ugly sparse and uprighty hair.
This mama no like!

My partner in crime used stacking cups to tempt her

So gullible...hehe

She tries to climb to the top of the jungle gym as well.
But crazy 'helicopter mom' had to put down the camera to protect her.

Despite being 8 months old, she is so much easier and calmer than Tiger, 
the whiny one....for now at least.

She makes me want to have lots of babies
 minus the pregnancy (yuck) AND
the delivery (double yuck) AND confinement.

So, fine. You were right, dear hubs. The slide is really useful.

The other day, he actually told me, "I think you should stop buying stuff"

Me: Whatcha talking about? (used my gangster voice)
I use everything I buy okay?

I think he sweared.

Just to prove my point, I went and bought some Playdoh sets.


Sylvia said...

Boy! She is really getting around! My kids were just sitting up at 8 months! She is adorable- sparse hair and all! What is this confinement thing you're talking about?

Jessica Tan said...

HI, Slyvia. Thanks :) She is such a lil monkey.

Confinement is another tradition done by us Malaysians and some Asians for a month post partum. Basically, we are home bound for a month and eat nutritious food almost non-stop :) Some Chinese actually avoid showering for one month. Some people hire 'confinement ladies for cooking and taking care of the baby for 1 month.

RookieWriter901 said...

Hey!! I love your blog! I have an 8 month old baby girl, as well. So, of course I love hearing about your adventures and milestones :) Thank you so much for sharing!!

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