Thursday, 2 May 2013

Math: Impromptu Lessons

2 Years 10 Months
 (more or less. You start to lose track after 2 years old.
Either that or I am getting 'old')

I call our lessons impromptu because they are :)
We no longer go by theme or trays.

Sometimes, he is productive. Like reading 20 books at one go.
Mostly, he likes to force me to buy ice cream from him.
He can be very pushy, you know.

I am sharing some lessons we did for the past 2 weeks.
(When I am rajin to photograph lar)

He chose a box of colorful cubes.
I was like: 
Can you make a tower of 20? Or a bridge?
And he was like:
Do I look like a chimp?

Spidey boy decided to use these colourful papers for sorting.
We were using them as ice cream cone wrappers earlier.
If that's not impromptu, I don't know what is :)
Origami papers: Daiso     Cubes:

He sorted.
Must put nice nice!
Cannot senget senget (crooked), okay?

Obviously counting and not using his 'right brain'
Sigh...hear the toilet flushing? That's my money going down...

Since he was very rajin that day, he chose the FRACTIONS box as well.
In it, the fraction turtle/bug.

Also the circle fraction puzzle and the Enfagrow free gift. 
Relax, people
He just played with it as puzzles. 
We are not exactly doing fractions yet.

Set up a little Math Game with Valentine recyclables.
He completed one page of addition before he was bored.
I don't think he gets it but he does like to add/count money.
Especially when he charges for his ice cream :)

 Matched numbers to words
We use this white board for word families as well (Will share soon)
Btw, if you are looking at easels, why don't you consider a white board?
Like what I  told a reader, it is adjustable and will last till secondary school.
Totally worth your money.
I got mine at 50% discount from Becon Stationery
 Matched shapes.
As you can see, he went round and round until he got the right answer.
Trapezium, boy....

 Keeping up with the nerdy look I so love ^.^

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