Friday, 3 May 2013

Outdoor learning: Farm In The City {Part 1}

We visited Farm In the City after a friend posted some pictures on Facebook.

Truth be told, the visit was inspired by hubby's night out with his friends.

Hubs: I am going out with xxx
Me: (Insert sullen face and bad mood) Where?
Hubs: Just KL
Me: I want to go too. But I can't. I have to 'work' (breastfeed)
 Hubs: Of course you can come too (knowing damn well I could NOT)
(Insert choice of mental profanity) Then......inspiration striked!
Me: (insert evil look) Well, don't get too drunk or come home too late.
We are going to Farm In The City Tomorrow.
Hubs: I was going to ask you the same thing 
( if )

So, off we go to Sri Kembangan on Sunday.
Entry is free for children less than 90 cm.
Tiger is 92 cm but I flashed a "pretty/flirtatious" smile and he got in for free.
Adult's RM 30 each with Malaysian ID.
My Indonesian maid was charged RM 30 too.
Go 1Malaysia!

We reached at about 1 PM, in time for the bird show.
The red parrot is Jordan.
Cheeky fellow kept disturbing the others.

 The show was great mostly due to Mr Zul's excellent showmanship.
Everyone was smiling despite the heat.
After the show, the kiasu mom, ahem, wanted an up close and personal experience.
For Tiger, not me. I hate birds. The beaks and the claws...geli!

See my veeery natural hand pose?
Trying my best to be nonchalant while guarding Tiger with the other hand.

 Mr Zul, patiently giving Tiger instructions in a very calm, adult manner.
I think he attended a RIE course...hehe.
As he spoke to Tiger, I could feel he was listening to every word and trusting him.
Let's just say that at that moment, I wanted to 'buy' Mr Zul :p

My mama bear instinct was in overdrive mode:
What is Tiger 'throws' the bird?
Worse, what if he shouts, frightens the bird and it bites back in fear?
Should I protect his huge ears? They do look yummy, no? 
I bite them all the time. 

Without realising it, I was gripping his elbow, hard.
Mr Zul was saying, "Ooookay, let go now...."
I looked at Tiger and said, "Uncle let go, okay?"
Mr Zul raised an eyebrow and said sarcastically, "Mama, YOU let go lar"

You can probably tell I was over the moon

The birds left some red marks on his hand.
He rubbed and rubbed but surprisingly did not whine.

We went to see the horses in the stables and he 
maintained at least 1 meter distance from them at all times.

 Since not many kids wanted to hold the birds, Mr Zul invited the hero again.
This time, on the shoulder.
I forced a smile for moral support. God knows I was cringing inside.
Brought Lil Dragon along for cheerleading.


After that he was so brave, he asked "Can I go inside the snake house?"
I was like, "Yeah, sure. Just let me get the keys. They are hungry anyways.
And they love to eat little boys"
Tiger's eyes went @@ and he replied, "I kick snake aaah"
Yeah, right.

To be continued...

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