Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day 2013

I hope everyone felt appreciated last Sunday.
I know lots of SAHM wants time alone on the toilet and such.

But I want none of that.
Since I am at work during the weekdays, 
I just wish for more hours at home so that we can have more cuddle time.
I can very sweet like that, sometimes...occasionally.

So, on Mother's Day, we attended my nephew's one year old party.
He's so cute... 
After that we headed straight home to hide from the heat.
It is waaaay too hot in the Klang Valley now.
Heard on the news it was due to a cyclone over the Bay of Bengal

 EVERYONE fell asleep in living room.
Hubs took the entire couch.
Tiger slept in his usual spot.
Lil Dragon was on her mattress and I ermm, fell asleep while breastfeeding.
That meant the right boob was on display during nap time
Sigh, how dignified and classy, right?
Happy Mother's Day...woohoo...

I got these from Tiger on Saturday.
I shall pretend it as intended for Mother's Day.

But my secret wish is to have a magic wand.
So that I can wave away all of these....

And have more of this on Sunday nights.
Peaceful moments between the two.
The Tiger Vs Dragon drama is escalating.

Every moment, I am thankful to have these two munchkins
bugging me incessantly,
invading my privacy in every sense of the word,
making me doubt every morsel of food, 
worry about every little bout of infection,
questioning everything and anything
second guessing my intelligence.
blah blah blah....

 BUT seriously, sometimes, just sometimes:

I want to chuck Tiger into a bin just for 5 minutes of peace.

I wish Dragon would declare a Breast-Free Day, make that a Week.

On some Sunday nights, I am secretly pleased to be back at work on Mondays.

 I just want to lay down on the bed and watch Channel E for 
some bad TV.

Occasionally, I just want to ditch the kids for a pedi and hair wash minus mommy guilt.

In reality, 

I have always wanted a boy and a girl,
a boy first so that he will protect my baby girl.

So, God, if you are listening,  Thank you making my wish come true.

Every Mother's Day, I will be reminded of how truly blessed I am.

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