Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Outdoor Learning: Growing A Bean Plant

We have been working very hard at reclaiming our poor garden.
That means, me, on all fours, digging and pulling.
And Tiger, being a busybody, not helping at all.

Good news is, we are almost done.
Killing weed is a crazy, crazy idea without using chemical.
Being an OCD has certain benefits, you know.
I Googled and some experts suggested using sugar.

My hands are smarting like mad and the nails are goners
my little helper is now dirt-friendly.
Definitely worth it just to watch him touch soil, sit on grass, basically just 
getting in touch with nature.

To supplement his latest interest, I used
Growing a Bean Plant from Sparklebox

I like the simple graphics and easy instructions

Getting acquainted with the prepared materials

Testing, testing

I told Tiger, We must follow some steps to plant a tree.

He replied, Like Oso? Three steps?

and started yelling on top of his lungs
 Twee little steps, that's all you need...twee little steps...
 Errr, something like that

Step 1: Fill the pot half-full with soil

I didn't have beans that are big enough.
So, I used some of Grandma's ermm, kuaci.

He watered a little too generously.
After a while, he asked, Where tree?
I considered my words carefully before replying,
Remember The Carrot Seed?
Nods head.
What did the boy do?
Water everyday.
 Got it?
Nods head and smile
Did a jolly dance, clicking my heels in the air.
Gotta love the classics
See my almost weed-free grass?
I am so happy. *insert blissful look*

Ooooh, must remember to 'insert' a plant next week.
*wink wink*

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