Friday, 24 May 2013

Lil Dragon: 10 months Update

10 month old

Sweet girl is 10 months old. 
She is definitely more spirited than Tiger was at this age.
I foresee lots of attitude issues.

I really wish I have more waking hours with her.
When I am at work, I miss her so, so much.
Her toothy smile, cheeky grin...
When I get home, Tiger will make sure he has all of my attention.
Much to her dismay.
They get into swatting competitions just to see who gets to sit on my lap.
Luckily I have 2 legs.
Third child?
No, thank you ...

So, our special time is from eleven-ish onwards.
When she is feeding and I get to watch her fall asleep.
Breastfeeding Dragon is when I am most relaxed and peaceful.

Gross Motor
I feel breathless just watching her.
She is very self assured of her abilities.
She is very mobile, either crawling or pushing furnitures about.
She has started taking a few wobbly unaided steps
The most being 5 for now.
I think she overheard hubs commenting that she is slow compared to Tiger.
Very kiasu, this one.

Fine Motor
I give her pegged puzzle boards to practice her pincer grip.
I just lay out 4 sets in front of her.
She started by trying to dislodge the piece by scratching, then she flipped the set over.
After a few attempts, she has now mastered her pincer movements.
Her sheer determination is so delightful to watch.

Still very much a boob addict.
Eats everything under the sun.
Toys, clothes, rubbish, name it.

Diaper changing is sooooo stressful.
She flips, turns, wriggle and does all kinds of tricks just to NOT change.
I tried washing and got poop all over myself.
So this is why people created pull up diapers
It was a true light bulb moment.

OSO the bear
Dumping toys out of boxes, repeatedly
'Eating' this Lego girl

Climbing this Mammut table

She says Mama...whoopee
I love it when she calls me in the morning, when I am still all sleepyhead 
"Mama, mama...."
She flashes a toothy smile and I just melt.

Pet peeves
She absolutely hates it when Tiger and I go upstairs for class without her.
She would call out Eh! Eh! Eh! for hours (prob minutes but guilt prolongs time)
from the bottom of the stairs.
If we ignore her, she would bawl her eyes out.
 If the gate is unlocked, she would crawl up in no time.

So, now, Tiger and I will have to be sneaky and go upstairs very quietly.
No laughing loudly.
No slamming doors 

Can't wait for her to join us in a few months time.


stace said...

Hi Mummy,
how long are your classes with tiger? 30 mins? 1hr?
Do you have a routine i.e a fixed timetable on what you want to cover everyday?

Thanks for sharing,

Jessica Tan said...

I used to be a bit crazy and set an hour in my mind. After 2 years plus on this road and learning so much along the way (from Tiger, mostly and other mommies) I have been taught to relax a bit and to enjoy the learning process.

I used to make him go through a schedule with me and because i am working, i had to pack it into one hour session. If you are a stay at home mom, you can break it into several sessions a day.

Now that he is almost three, we do at least an hour to 2 a day. in a week, we will probably be 'studying' 3 to 4 out of seven days. If everydayI will go nuts too.

Stace said...

Wow... 1 to 2 hours... that's pretty subsantial! It's great Tiger can stay with the lesson so l8ng. You've certainly taught him well. On days when there are no lessons, what is his typical day like? Free play all the way?
I am a working too so I definitely feel you when you say you wanna pack it into 1 hour session. May I also ask what's his typical 1-2hr session or lesson on 'studying' days?
Thanks for sharing. If you prefer, my email is

Jessica Tan said...

Usually, I like to kacau him and ask, "you want to go shopping/so-ans-so's house OR you want to study?"

90% of the time he will choose study.

I just posted on our current study plan. I plan ahead and just let him choose his thing. He may be obsessive about one thing (he thinks it's fuuunnny to ask for ice cream shop now) Sometimes he goes nuts and wants to do all. Occasionally, we do one thing and he starts whining. Then I will stop the lesson and we just read or go hang out with the baby.

During the day when i am at work or if he chooses not to study (he went thru a phase of truancy after Dragon came along) he usually just play on his Thomas ride-on, ipad or cling to issues. Weird, i know.

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