Friday, 31 May 2013

Lil Dragon: Her Space/Class...kinda

Lil Dragon's space in the playroom. Oh, she hogs the living room too.
Tiger gets the other shelf and the study.
Fair and square. No fighting.

She has access to the lower two shelves only.

Lamaze spinning thing, a TOLO hammer thing & pegged puzzles
Fisher Price Book, Vtech ball (both irritating as hell), 
Leapfrog Peek-a-shoe (I like) 
and a musical instrument box

They were all Tiger's except the Octopus Peek-a-shoe which Hubs bought for Dragon.
(He was like....Kesian, no new toy)
They all look new because he didn't play with them much. Toy snob.

Lil Dragon on the other hand  loves toys in all shape and sizes.
Her fav would probably be the musical instrument box.

Puzzles are a close second. Probably inherited some puzzle love from Tiger.

We play a game where I get to sit still. Yay!
 She loves picking them up and placing each piece into my hand.

Initially it was cute, until you realize toilet breaks are not allowed in this game.
"Mama go toilet, okay?" and as I get up.....
"Wahhhhhhh.....sob sob sob...."
Not fun when you REALLY need to pee or sleep.

I think she likes em because they are nice to bite as well

I'll name the pieces as she hands them over and then thank her politely.

There, vocab/fine motor/bonding/playtime/grace & courtesy in one compact lesson.

She always yells and screams from downstairs whenever Tiger and I are in the study.
Poor thing. I really want her to join us but she kinda steals the whole show.

How do you bring a cutie into a preschooler's class?


MieVee @ said...

It's indeed challenging to teach an older child with a toddler around. The large Vee Bee play yard is my saviour.
- #2 stays inside with some activities, while I give #1 a quick presentation.
- When #2 needs attention (starts throwing things!), I join him while observing #1.
- Sometimes, I bring #2 out to sit on my lap or do some doodling at a separate small desk. (I.e. I'm in between 2 small desks, so he can't disturb #1.)
- Now that #2 is older (1.5 years old), he's more interested in watching our lessons from inside the play yard, so I present to both.

Have fun! :)

Jessica Tan said...

My phone blogger app is not appreciative of my comments :(

Thanks MieVee. My study is not large enough for a play pen. I tried putting her in the Bumbo and she kept getting out...hihi.

Decided to wait a while and see.

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