Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Preschool: Trying to stay on track

This morning, hubs saw my work desk and commented,
"Are you not stressed with all these rubbish on your desk?"

"That is a few months worth of paperwork." 
And I hate myself for letting it mount.

Surprisingly he said, "I help you clean tonight?"

I wanted to say, 
Cannot, I have class with Tiger but oh well. Let's see what happens tonight

Here are some stuff we did officially as preschoolers (3 YEARS OLD)!!!

SMART puzzles from FRANK

More patterning with Duplo printables I shared on our FB page.
We used the unifix cubes

Got this cool stamp storing idea from Prekinders
The original M&D box was so snug, it was difficult for him to extract the stamps.

Word Families {-at}
As in cat, hat, sat, mat, vat, flat, bat
We are using the books from Kohwai & Young since that was his choice.
Books 1 was letter sounds
Book 2 is what we are using right now.

Complemented Dr Seuss's The Cat in the Hat with some props.
We used a LEGO Duplo cat as a pointer (just for fun)

SCIENCE:  Life cycle of the butterfly
Printables from Sparklebox
I used The Very Hungry Caterpillar storyline to complement the lesson.
I jogged his memory by asking him questions like,
In the light of the xxxx? What happens next?
What did caterpillar eat on Monday?
Prompt when necessary is our motto :)

He was super excited about the life cycle since I drew arrows on the floor using 
a whiteboard marker.
He looked at me wide-eyed, "Can draw? Really?"

We made Father's Day cards for Grandpa

 Abandoned Father's Day card for hubs ;p

He can recognise several simple words in Chinese but for some reason
he does not want to say it out loud.
He will point out the words a the book and say, "Teacher teach this one today"
I don't recall laughing at his Chinese.
Can't wait for him to bring home some flashcards from Bao Bei
(they get to keep the words they are able to read)

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