Friday, 21 June 2013

Lil Dragon: 11 Month-Old

11 months ago, I was probably depressed about my expanding butt.
Now, I am grateful that my large butt is good for cushioning hours of breastfeeding
and play.

Speaking of play, this girl is a PLAYER!
Her dedication is crazy; she can play all day & all night long
 Tiger's golf set, his tricycle, his puzzles, much to his dismay...

Her current obsession:
This Melissa & Doug set I got from Mothercare (during sales lar)
It was Tiger's but he did not even touch it. Weird kids.
You can get similar one here.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this set.
Shape, sizes, fine motor all in one.
She enjoys spinning the the top hexagon piece 
Oh, it is also excellent for gross motor when the kids start fighting.
Tiger will sibuk and help her, "I win"
She? Not so thrilled.
11 months old and she hits her brother...sigh..
Now, it's cute but in a few more years...
I have to pray more often.
Definitely, a fighter.

Almost a runner, soon.
She is walking very steadily and way too fast for our liking.

A tease.
A little more friendly with strangers but still generally shy.

A dancer.

Gave her a small taste of Vitagen the other day.
Guess what she loves now?

A book lover.
She has a favourite book already :)
Girls..such darlings, right?
If I say CAT she says /c/ /c/

 She can fake-cry for hours until I bring her upstairs to 'study'
In return, I get this.....okay la...totally worth it.
 Cheering for herself as she avoids wearing pants.
In Malay, we call this "Syiok sendiri"

Behind her is our new kakak.
The kakak who accidentally spilled hot water onto her left arm while making milk last night
She rarely cries in the shudder-snot-shoulder shaking manner.
But  last night was one of those rare occasions.
Kesian my baby.
I was nearby so I grabbed her, removed clothing, and
placed her left arm under running cool water for one minute
Then I applied toothpaste since hers is a minor burn
(a no-no for 2nd or 3rd degree burn)
Then, after she slept,
 I dab off the toothpaste and applied some antiseptic cream.

The only thing that crossed my mind was, "What will hubs say?"

He said plenty, from WHY, HOW, JIIIORR but most surprisingly was
If it was Tiger, he would never have said so much...
Fathers and their daughters... no play play.

I surprised myself too when I calmly handled the situation.
Years of medical training does come in handy.
And kakak? I know she really loves Lil Dragon, a lot.
A reminder to be careful, for all of us.

Dragon is still her bubbly self today, a very minor incident.
No worries.

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