Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday, Tiger

Tiger is officially three.

I hope we can focus more on his emotional and social skills this year.

I am gifting him with Bao Bei Reading Wonderland classes. Honestly, I expected waterworks for 2 weeks but he surprised us all by handling the situation well. Tiger surpassed all expectations, ours and the teachers.
Hubs said that at day 4 when he stopped crying, he removed his own shoes, placed it on the rack and washed his hands. Then he waved bye bye and ran into the classroom. Worth my every cent, y'all.

Classes are not cheap at Bao Bei. More costly than regular preschool at RM 410 for 20 days per month and no meals. I expect results!

Anyway, to sweeten the deal, I bought some party packs and a cake for him to celebrate his birthday in school. Positive reinforcement! As suggested by Pavlov.

I also prepared these for the teachers to present to him :)

I don't care what people say about bribing the child. Birthday celebration is legitimate and he stopped crying after that. Three days to overcome preschool anxiety for the scaredy cat.  

*Mommy blows nails*

Three days.

Okay, okay, I admit that he started showing interest in social situations involving children. Social skills starts developing at three, more so for boys. So, there. The reason for our successful introduction to preschool.

If I had sent him maybe a month before his third birthday, I might have blown the thing.

 I will give him credit for passion and desire to learn. Even in Chinese. Oh wait, I should credit myself too.

*Blows nails on other hand*

After school yesterday, he was singing to Grandma, "Eat papa, mumble mumble, eat papa"

Grandma was all ??????

It was a song for Father's Day. At night he stood on the bed between hubs and I and started dancing while singing the Eat Papa song. It was 'I have a good father' Song in Chinese. =.="

Halfway, he shouted, "Fang Pi!!!!!"

The Lil rascal farted and started rolling on the bed, laughing. Maaaan, it stank....like worse than hub's gas bombs!

So much for social skills....

Present from papa and Grandma (my mom)

Dear Tiger,

I hope you enjoyed your birthday.

Even more than that, I hope you enjoy learning because life is a long journey. You will make it meaningful when you never stop the yearning to learn, to discover, to question, to love.

I hope that I can be your rock, your support, your guide, your friend, your teacher for a long long time.

I love you so much,

Happy 3rd Birthday, my son.


Now I have to go brush up on my Tang Poems.
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