Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Consonant Blend {ck}

I chose -ck to start with because it is easy.
Jolly phonics also recommended this blend in their introduction.
On top of that, Tiger was having a brief fling with nursery rhymes.

We started with lesson Hickory Dickory Dock.
After reading we searched for words ending with -ck.

He spelt the word out using letter blocks

Spelling clock as COCK
I cry....

I sounded out the word for him and he checked .
Correcting his own mistake.

I printed blend booklets from Sparklebox 

Got this water colour mini set from ToyRus Warehouse sale.
We painted CK purple (of course)

There were some glitter on the table.
So, he wanted to roll some dough over them.
I used the ugly mixed-colour ones

They were perfect for making /ck/ monsters

He went to bed with them.

The activities were meant for 1 week but he finished it in one night.
Homeschool rocks, no?

Then he was too cool for blending and ended the fling with nursery rhymes.
We moved on to word families.
Kids nowadays.

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