Sunday, 25 November 2012

Review: Leapfrog Learning DVDs

We are HUGE fans of Leapfrog toys. 

Initially I listed out the Leapfrog toys that we have but it made me look like such a shopaholic. Let's just say we have a few and we love each and everyone of them.

Anyway, the important issue is the fact that the one Leapfrog product that I really wanted to get my hands on was the Learning DVD set. They have been raved to death by parents everywhere, including those from If the Singaporeans claim it's good, you better believe them!

We have Let's Go To School, Numbers Ahoy and Math Adventure to the Moon from ToyRus but  the box set has eluded me for the longest time until I thought of a member of the family. She graciously loaned it to us and it's high time I return them since Tiger is totally in love with them. Grandma is not helping by giving him a free rein over his TV time.
They are pricey if we poor under-developed, third world country people are to buy from Amazon or Singapore. During our last excursion to Popular in Ikano, I saw some Scout and friends series (Phonics Farm & Number Land) and  as well as the ones I have listed above.

It is really worth the splurge for the box set?

For Tiger, these are the only 'cartoons' that he watches. So, my alphabet junkie definitely enjoyed getting his daily dose of alphabet-high. Despite the fact that he is already well versed with his phonics, he is addicted to the Letter Factory. From all the testimonials of blogger moms, this definitely seemed like one of the better phonics DVD set.
Of course, I would rather he obsess over the frogs and phonics compared to Oppa Gangnam Style, no?

Speaking of DVDs, I am awaiting the arrival of my Shichida DVD. Will post more info once I get my hands on it.

Do you have a well loved educational DVD to share? Do give me your feedback if you have tried Hooked on Phonics or the Scholastic Series. Thanks!
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