Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Little Dragon: Happy 2 Months Old!

Little Dragon is 2 months old today which also means that my boy is exactly 27 months :)

In terms of milestones:

My precious little girl is such a smiley one. I just call her name and she will warm my heart with the biggest, toothless grin, dimples and all.

She is going to be a talkative me...*grin*. We have mini conversations where she coos back to whatever I say. Occasionally, she squeals in delight.

Her head control is steady and she is still doing her mini push-ups.

She is still having fussy evenings but easily consolable with us lying together in a darkened room or clustered feeding.


She is breastfeeding/co-sleeping bed-hogging at night.

During the day, she takes breast milk via bottle.

So far, I am making enough milk without requiring any supplementation and that makes me a happy mama :)

During the day, she sleeps in a swing which is the only way she could rest with a cheeky and boisterous two year old brother around. We have tried pack-and-play, bouncer, you name it...nothing else works besides the old, trusty 'sarong'.

Now that we are co-sleeping at night, I have no idea how often she is feeding. I just offer her a boob and she is happy suckling, hugging or sleeping. Yay for boobies!!

Sometimes, she is awake at 3 am, asking for 'conversations'. I usually just play dead and pray she goes back to sleep, which usually work. Otherwise she is usually wide awake at 8-9 am, unless she decides to poop like today, morning poop-call was 6 am @.@

Here she is at 6 am, straining (with sound effects and all) while pooping like she is constipated.

Her first day in 'Tot School', ermm, also pooping AGAIN!!

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