Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tot School: 27 months

My dear boy is 27 months :)

Gross Motor
Brave enough to go down tunnel slide, thanks to Papa!
Expert on the jungle gym
Kick ball

Fine motor
He can use the mouse!! Surprise surprise...actually, he can even click and drag. Kids nowadays!
Able to eat well with utensils. No more cave man style.
Stacks about 10-15 blocks or more
Copies dotted lines
Draws vertical straight lines
Draws circles
Writes certain alphabets like i,l, t, o, v,etc
Expert on writing alphabets on apps (but that's easy and doesn't really count)
     <<< >>>

He is so much more talkative nowadays.
My fav, "Mama, Tiger love you" & "Mama, Tiger arry(carry) mei mei"   I almost cried....
Most disliked phrase: "No Nice"
He loves to sing! Fav: ABC song, alphablocks, Rain, rain go away

   <<< >>>

Understands multiple instructions well
Can recite his alphabets (A-Z) and phonics well
Counts from 0 to 20.
Questions Who buy? Who spoil? ALL THE TIME
Understands behind, on, in, below
Understands concept of tomorrow
Able to match pictures
Name all nine planets
Excellent attention span
  <<< >>

Ask for milk whenever he sees mei mei feeding
Typical 2 year old tantrums and outbursts when disregarded.
Very loving in nature towards other children. Also a 'chicken' at times. He moves away from confrontational situations faster than you blink!
Better at handling situations with strangers

Care of self
Still refuse potty at all cost

Significant event for this month:
A really ugly haircut. Sheesh, all I requested for was for it to resemble "fei fu" hairstyle...headache.

After walking around in a daze for two months post partum,
I have finally recovered some of my enthusiasm for life in general.
We started Tot School activities sporadically again.

Little Dragon's initiation into Tot School.
She celebrated by pooping midway.

Day 1 of school:
We just played with some flashcards and read some books

Later in the week:

Mommy's latest shopping haul from Mothercare.
 Another floor puzzle is missing
Tiger chose the bottle of playdough equipment

Why all the fancy mancy equipment?
Well, it provides lots of fine motor exercise.
With all the squeezing, pressing, kneading, rolling...

How I missed schooling with Tiger.
He seemed to have matured so much in the past 2 months when we took a break.
When I ask him, " Can you do it?"
He answered with a confident "Yes!"

There was an apple mould in the set.
After we made one, Tiger said, "A is for apple"
Then he ask, "B is for ball where?"
So, I made a ball.
Then he asked for a cat.

We stopped at C is for cat because
my D is for dog would resemble a cat anyways...

He finally got to play with his colored rice bin after requesting for it for 2 months!
See the mess?
He also requested for his stickers

We ended the night with some reading:
Dr Seuss's ABC
Phonics book by Kohwai & Young

He was so happy to be in his room again that he didn't want his milk or go to bed..hehe!
There's more to come baby, I promise.

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