Saturday, 28 July 2012

Little Dragon: 2 weeks old

Life with a newborn is basically:
  • feeding
  • diapering
  • pumping/cow-ing
  • sleeping
  • eating
  • a lot of zoning out
Then again, it also means a lot more family time which I truly appreciate...

Here's my little princess.
Please excuse the spit

The Tiger and The Dragon

A little hand holding

A big hug

That's life at the moment, it's tiring but I wouldn't trade it for anything else

<<< >>>

Yesterday, I managed to whip up a little something for Little Dragon.
It is a black-red-white mobile that took me about 10 minutes.
All it took was some foam papers and yarn.
Easy peasy!
I hung the circular foams with Tiger's old Fisher-price mobile.

Here's a shot from Little Dragon's point of view.

I was planning to create the Munari mobile but it was way out of my crafting/DIY league. 
Mine isn't prefect but Lil Dragon enjoys looking at it.

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