Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Pregnancy: Jitters

I am still pregnant...sigh...and I have officially given up all hopes that my little girl is going to turn around for a normal vaginal delivery. Unless miracles really do happen....

There is still a good chance of delivering Lil Dragon vaginally since she is a frank breech and an average sized baby (smaller than Tiger who was 3.225 kg). Unfortunately, there is no sign of labour as yet. I am barely waddling! During our last scan, she weighed 2.8 kg with a slightly big head (it runs in my side of the family. Tiger's got a big head too). I made up my mind to wait until her due date, 12th of July.

If she wasn't a breech baby, I wouldn't mind going post date until she is ready see the world. Unfortunately, since she is not willing to make mama's life easier by coming out the usual manner, there is no need to prolong my misery or take any unnecessary risk.

Today, I will be reassessed if my cervix if favourable for induction of labour. Not commonly done for a breech pregnancy but since I was so adamant about a vaginal delivery, my poor gynaecologist had to go along with my crazy plan. I am sure he would much rather, cut, cut, suture, suture, and tell me "All done!"

If I am still not favourable, then I would opt for an elective c-section. Not my ideal birth plan but sometimes you just have have to bite your tongue and get on with it.

On the bright side, I have been pigging out to the max over the past one week with nightly mandatory suppers like McDs and burger Ramly; I ended up putting on 1 kilo! There is no longer the need to suppress my cravings in order to keep her small.

Lil Tiger's a little frustrated as well, probably influenced by my foul mood. You know how crazy it gets towards the end of the pregnancy.

There are days where he just turn into a lil monster by throwing things and slapping me. His appetite has been terrible to say the least since he is having a mild cold. Everything is ,"No nice!"

Other times, he reverts back to the lil angel that I know he is. Occasionally he would just suddenly hug my belly or lift up my shirt and claim, "Love mei-mei". Sometimes, when we are chilling out on the bed or couch, he would lift up HIS shirt and ask me to kiss his belly!

C-section or not, one thing I know for sure is hubby and Tiger is going to be there this time and that's all I need to be strong and brave.

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