Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Family: She's here!!!!

Dear all, we have a new addition to our little family. My dear, sweet baby girl was born on her due date, 12th July 2012. That makes her exactly two years & one month younger than Tiger :)

I am still recuperating from the caesarean section and not quite ready to share her yet! In time, I will...

Everything is working out beautifully and I just wanted to share my gratitude and happiness that she is perfectly healthy and adorable. Right now, I am just enjoying every moment of having this tiny (2.7 kilos) little bundle of love in my arms!

Thank you for all for the well wishes and all the lovely people who took the time to visit us in the hospital. That's all for now.....we may be missing for a while until I am ready to stir the dust again!
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