Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Montessori At Home by John Bowman

Once upon a time, a girl (old girl) asked Mr John Bowman for a copy of his ebook and she was to write a review of it on her blog. She didn't.

I have my reasons. Really. Tiger wasn't verrry into Montessori type of activities. He likes worksheets. Weird, I know. Therefore, I felt it would be a biased review if I had raved over something I didn't really use.  So, I left it in a corner of my mind until recently.

As you guys already know, I tried teaching Dragon girl the way I did Tot School with Tiger. It was an epic fail.
 For example, this tray was set up for one-to-one correspondence with magnets.She wanted to do this instead:

Stumped and bordering insanity, I went through Mr Bowman's book again on my PC and decided to just focus on practical life and fine motor movement. What a difference it made!

You know you've got a good thing when it inspires you to get moving.

The introduction rocks and Mr Bowman will probably be one of the few
highly qualified people who tells you it is okay to substitute with cheaper, DIY materials.
(psst..using plastic ain't gonna kill anyone)

The book is very easy to read.
If you need any inspiration, he has included links to many brilliant homeschoolers.
Mine not included :(

The book includes many aspects of Montessori like
using things from home, a parental guide, sensorial, practical life, science,
geography, Digital life (apps and stuff), maths, etc.
You can view a sample of the book from his site here
The ebook itself is only USD 10.95

If you opt for to bundle with 40 materials from Montessori Print Shop
they will be a bargain of USD24.95
(Correction from my original post)
(If purchased individually, the printables will cost USD 60)
You can view the materials included here

If you are a Malaysian Chinese like me, your first reaction will be:
WTF?!! So many freebies??! Must buy laaa
And please don't ask me for free copy okay?
The bundle plus book is still cheaper than mascara.

 After going through the book, I prepared these for my two year old.
The 4 year old enjoyed modeling for his sister.
Dragon loved the scooping ping pongs and funneling trays.
She just practiced her pincer grip with the tweezing tray and that's okay.


The frog life cycle tray will hang around until I find Ted.
By the way, Ted is the tadpole that I am going to catch, soon.

 For more info on the book and his new books, please visit here
He will basically teach you how to do it at home without
burning a hole in your pocket and so much more.

We love it so much.
And Mr Bowman, I am very sorry the review is a year late.
I am only able to give a review when I truly believe in the product.

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Montessori At Home! said...

Thanks for the nice review, Jessica, I hope Dragon Girl loves her materials and activities. She is the perfect age to start with Practical Life then move into Sensorial and the rest. Look forward to hearing more about your home learning adventures.

One note: the printables shown in the post, combined with my Montessori At Home! eBook, is what we call the Bundle, and sells for $24.95. My eBook by itself is $10.95, and it also has quite a few free printables at the end. Thanks again, take care!

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