Sunday, 25 May 2014

Little Dragon @ 1 year 10 months

Here are some activities that I managed to do with Dragon girl and an update on her development.

There is no schooling this one.

Too much attitude.
Too self assured
Too sassy
Too stubborn.
I am bending backwards just to accommodate her.

Right now, it's all about scribbling, painting, and crayons.
She holds everything with a 'falcon-like grip'.
I won't even try to correct her; she may poke my eyes out.
Glow-in-the-dark pen & board by Crayola

She is such a strong kid. Fine motor skills are tip-top.
So are her gross motor skills
She can karate kick Tiger like nobody's business.
Sometimes, I really pity the brother who always end up in tears.

Maybe she will ace archery?

I would really like to see someone try to discipline her.
When she was making a ruckus, MIL said, 
"How can you all stand her naughtiness?
If it's up to me, hmmphh, I will beat her already."

She turned around, crossed her arms and said with a frown,
"NO! I beat."
See? I am the "Western' mom and MIL's the Tiger Mom.

I am always smiling when she's around.
She is just so funny.
Like this face she pulled when Tiger was teaching her

She can sort colours just fine but....

....she would very much prefer to play with the pom-poms.

Or arranging the musical bells

Breaking these Unifix into individual cubes is still a favourite activity of hers

But her most beloved activity in the whole wide world?
Redecorating this patch of wall
I already gave up telling her to use paper.
She knows it's there...sigh...I cannot win laaaaa.

Right now her routine is, crayon the wall, dot stamping papers and then water colours.
Tiger was offering her some brushes here.
I soooo love shots of them together like this.
Occasionally, they can be nice to each other

She loves this watch  I bought from a kiosk in the mall.
Wears it to sleep :)

 Asking her to paint is asking for trouble.
With a kid like this, messy art is exhausting.
Like seriously draining.
I am getting old

At 1 year 10 months old, she is:

Walking up and down stairs one foot per step
Hopping down the stairs like a bunny with one hand held.
Using Tiger's skateboard scooter better than Tiger.
Balance on one foot

Strong grip
Able to uncap the smallest tubes
Build towers of > 10 blocks
Draw circles

Her vocab is vast but still unclear to strangers.
She calls herself by her name.
She calls Tiger by HIS name instead of kor-kor.
Longest phrase is, "No, I beat you"
Otherwise, she uses her own language to substitute words she is unable to say.
 Asks what, where questions.

She must wear something pink.
She hates black/grey clothing
She loves lotions.
If she didn't get something she wants, she will turn away,
cross her arms and refuse to meet your eyes.
You can beg but she wouldn't budge.
She can shoot imaginary laser beams for corners of her eyes (like me)

 She is very independent but whiny and oh-so-manja when she is sick
but her recovery rate is way faster than Tiger's
Probably because she loves water. I think she takes at least a litre a day.
She is a little OCD about dirt and loves to dispose garbage.

My mom commented that she is like me

Haha...I am much nicer now!

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