Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Tiger's Play Space @ 4 years old

I've been 'planning' to cover the drawers since..well, since I bought them
but I have never found the right material. Any suggestions? 
 Nothing permanent since I will be using them for toys when the kids are older 
and they do not need the diapers and clothes to be at hand's reach.

Anyway, I just wanted to share the area where Tiger spends most of his time,
which is actually in our living room.
 Small house, no choice.

The home decor sucks but right now the kids' needs matter most.
I'm just trying my best to minimize the clutter so that hubby doesn't feel
he is living in a toy store.

I gathered similar containers so that the overall look 
is more streamlined

There you go, so much better for my mind and soul.
What's in the baskets?
I was afraid you wouldn't ask.
Noticed I 'labelled' the top row baskets?
Initially I wanted to write or print & laminate
but as usual, I was too lazy.
So I took some old DVD covers and filled them with respective content.
I thought it was very clever :p

From left to right:
1. Lego Duplo
2. Wedgits
3. Mega Bloks
4. Crazy golf set
(Baskets from Daiso)

On the far right is his Thomas train set and a couple of golf clubs

On the lower row:
1. His 'baby' cars
2. Magformers
3. Wooden blocks
4. Special 'cars' box for everything Pixar/Disney Cars

Opposite the Ikea cupboard is his train table.
Right now he enjoys playing this wooden parking garage from ELC.
I added a train track and a 'house' on the side for sleepy cars
Every kid who comes over loves this table!

Sometimes he will play with this rm12 car track from ToyRus sales
That red 4WD you see in this picture?
It's broken now.
So, Tiger uses it for his Piston Cup race with the rest of his cars.
This blue Mammut table from IKEA is also the official living room table.

Tiger's book shelf
1. On the lowest level are the books I expect him to read independently but I doubt
he reads any with the TV around.
2. Then, some wooden games to balance all the plastic in the house.
(I am watching too many cooking shows, can you tell?)
3. His busy bag that I grab when we head out and his YAMAHA bag.
4. The top most level (not in pic) has a missing parts/broken toys basket
and Grandma's cook books.

And that's what Tiger does all day. 
Jump, play, sleep, eat.
Geez, now I want to be a kid.

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