Tuesday 15 December 2015

Halloween 2015

 For this year's Halloween, Tiger decided he wanted to be a ghost.
MIL was totally against the idea because Chinese associates ghost with death and it's taboo.
I thought it was very brave and him, so we went ahead with the idea anyway.

We had to go to the nearest shop and bought 2 metres of white cloth for rm 6.50.
I thought it would be easy peasy but still it took me two hours just to cut a hole,
sew the seams and a ribbon around the neckline. =.="
In other words, I really sucked at this but here's the lil Casper.

Dragon Girl, was a nurse...outfit from Winnie since I didn't have time to prepare.

Tiger didn't put on his outfit 90% of the time.

That's Dexter as an overweight Batman.

Us acting crazy.

Some sweet pics of the girl.

This year's party was very last minute decision...but the usual suspects turned up anyways!
Corynne prepared this setup.
And the parents all brought food.

For games, we had a 'pinata' balloon.
That's darling Dee Dee who was a firewoman.

Winnie bought some pre-cut crafts to keep them entertained.
This fugly shot makes me laugh every time.

Our host Corynne and her Superboy!

Hubs was late as he went to collect fried chicken and some nasi lemak.
Of course, he irritated our girl with his kissing.

Thanks to everyone who came despite only having a few days to prepare!
On a side note, there is no more ghost in my bathroom and bed, according to Tiger.
He left, it seems. 

Monday 14 December 2015

Vietnam 2015

For this year's trip, hubs and I went to Vietnam.
With the bleak Malaysian market, I would be happy to go Pangkor :D
1 ringgit = 4.4 USD
This was an incentive trip from Lenovo, so we paid peanuts anyways.

That's us pretending to be cute during the flight.
I absolutely love travelling with this man.
Otherwise, I hate traveling.

A picture for Tiger who is afraid of the idea of boarding a plane.
He has a fear of everything. 
That made me guilty for a nanosecond for leaving them behind.
Just a nanosecond.

Our hotel room in Duxton Hotel, Ho Chi Minh.
It's rated four stars and relatively clean. 
I am fine with any hotel as long as they do not restrict bath towels and toiletries.
The last time we were in Philea, Melaka...they asked to pay for extra shower gel. Assholes.
Here, they stacked towels and drinks outside the gym.

Speaking of the gym...it was the first place we visited after checking in :p
I even brought my workout videos with me. Hehe.

At night, Lenovo arranged for dinner at Stix.

The place was beautiful.

Food was amazing! I love this fish's presentation.

Everything on the list was delicious, even the fruits because they were so fresh.


Guess who won a prize? :D

At night, all the guys went to a karaoke/pub. No ladies allowed. Damn it.
I was a little bumped. They had more free beer.
Hubs sent me this picture which I dunno what he is trying to prove?
Well-lit? Not too skimpily clad girls?
I was bored, so I went to the gym again to burn off the calories from dinner.

The next day was a city tour after breakfast.
It was freaking HOT!!
The tour company thoughtfully provided us with these straw hats.
First stop was the Reunification Palace

We also went to the post office to send off some postcards.

We hid in these boxes because it was air conditioned :)

I will to stick to my day job.
Will fail miserably as a fashion blogger.

Same height!
At the side door of Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica.

The War Museum.
This picture made me cry.

We had a Chinese dinner where everything was again, delicious.
Vietnamese food is no joke. 
No wonder it's Anthony Bourdain's fav place.

Our hotel is located along a busy stretch of road.
At the end of the road, is this statue of Ho Chi Minh himself.
My husband took this senget shot.

We strolled and ate non-stop..ha ha.

Did it like the locals.

We ordered from this lady using sign language.
I fanned out my Dongs and she picked out the correct amount.
It was only rm2 for a mixture of paper rice noodles, peanuts, mango, mint and fish oil.
Damn, I can taste it in my mouth right now.

 The next day was a visit to Cu Chi Tunnel.
My hubs looking like a total pro...

...and I...the joker.
He paid for ten shot and I took only two.
I hate guns. Period.

This is a sample of an entry into the tunnel.
I didn't know I was claustrophobic until I tried to get through one.
Never had a problem in elevators and stuff.
But I guess it's the ventilation that got to me. 
If I were a part of the Vietnam War, I swear, I would have been the first to die.

Some sample of booby traps

Then it was lunch at this beautiful post-card place.
Food was just so-so.

The most embarrassing thing happened on the way back to the hotel. 
I actually went to the bathroom twice before boarding the bus but about 20 minutes later,
damn it, I had to go again. I held it for 10 minutes before begging the tour guide to get me to the toilet. The driver had to stop at the side of a busy road and the guide shouted, 
I walked down the aisle quickly and realized it was just ME...
WTH? You guys got elephant bladders or what?
Anyway, my tiny bladder thanked me profusely.

At night, they gave us USD 20 each for dinner which is a lot of money in dong.
We chose a pho restaurant and ordered a set of chicken and beef pho to share.

We had coconut ice cream for dessert. 
It's supposed to be a Vietnamese signature. 

We walked around and ended with more food..haha...and still had money leftover.

The next day, we had guess what? Pho.
Haha...but it was still amazing. I miss it so much.
Go for the beef if you can. It's more fragrant and hearty.

A last look at Vietnam and their pretty turquoise buildings

What's unforgettable about Vietnam?  

1. It reminded me of Malaysia 20 years ago.
The fashion, the shops, the pace.

2. The number of motorcycles is staggering.
And I didn't see a single accident in the four days.
They drive good.

3. The people.
Life is still slow and laid back here compared to major cities.
The richer and bigger the city, the more obnoxious the people.

4. The food.
The amazing, fresh, delicious food.
Nothing beats that.
From high class restaurants to road side vendors...
everything was so, so good.

We will be back but maybe in another 10 years, when your airport has more shopping options.
I was so, so sad at duty free...you should have seen me. 
Nothing. Nothing to buy!

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