Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Halloween 2015

 For this year's Halloween, Tiger decided he wanted to be a ghost.
MIL was totally against the idea because Chinese associates ghost with death and it's taboo.
I thought it was very brave and him, so we went ahead with the idea anyway.

We had to go to the nearest shop and bought 2 metres of white cloth for rm 6.50.
I thought it would be easy peasy but still it took me two hours just to cut a hole,
sew the seams and a ribbon around the neckline. =.="
In other words, I really sucked at this but here's the lil Casper.

Dragon Girl, was a nurse...outfit from Winnie since I didn't have time to prepare.

Tiger didn't put on his outfit 90% of the time.

That's Dexter as an overweight Batman.

Us acting crazy.

Some sweet pics of the girl.

This year's party was very last minute decision...but the usual suspects turned up anyways!
Corynne prepared this setup.
And the parents all brought food.

For games, we had a 'pinata' balloon.
That's darling Dee Dee who was a firewoman.

Winnie bought some pre-cut crafts to keep them entertained.
This fugly shot makes me laugh every time.

Our host Corynne and her Superboy!

Hubs was late as he went to collect fried chicken and some nasi lemak.
Of course, he irritated our girl with his kissing.

Thanks to everyone who came despite only having a few days to prepare!
On a side note, there is no more ghost in my bathroom and bed, according to Tiger.
He left, it seems. 


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