Monday 29 October 2012

Grace & Courtesy: Tea Pouring Session

Since Tiger is more verbal now, we are working on his manners.

First up, saying:
PleaseThank you, and You are welcome 

I know that manners are best learned through modelling but sometimes
adults tend to forget and take things for granted.
I also know he is only two and he probably wouldn't comprehend the true meaning of courtesy.
At the moment, mastering these social skills and vocalising the words appropriately is good enough.

We had some Parkson shopping vouchers so we bought this:
A robin blue picnic basket with a tin tea set inside.
I have been looking around for a proper tea set for some time now.

When I saw this flower pattern inside, it was a done deal.

We practised pouring, with real water of course.
Sometimes he does it with two hands, sometimes one.

He has been playing with this set for days.
Almost as much as his play dough. So, I know it is serious business.

ME: What are you doing there?
Tiger : I doing make coffee.
ME: Wow, can I have some, PLEEAAASEEE?
Tiger: Yes!  (Hands me a cup)
Me: Thank you. Psst...say you are welcome...
Tiger: come

We invited Scout and Alphie to join our tea party.
So, a little snack was in order.
Therefore, he got to do some tonging and sorting as well

Mama always gets pink and Tiger's always blue.
As usual, he enjoyed 'school' very much.
Needless to say, so did I...

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melissa said...

I love love that tea set! Modeling is awesome for manners but practice in a fun context like this is a brilliant idea, too. Wish we could join you and little Tiger for a tea party!

Jessica_littletiger said...

I am sure Tiger would love to have Annabelle over for tea too :)

curiositykills said...

thats a very pretty tea set! :)

MieVee @ said...

I'm so going to check that tea set out at Parkson! Which outlet did you get it from?
Many thanks for sharing! :)

Jessica_littletiger said...

Hi MieVee,

I got it from the Setia City Mall outlet. They have a few other sets for cooking, baking, and such. Each in a different coloured bag. Totally drool worthy >.<

Jessica_littletiger said...

Yup. Can't wait for the two kiddos to have tea together :)

Gina @Connecting Family & Seoul said...

I just love this idea! My son is just about the same age as yours (he's a Tiger baby, too!) and he's always "having tea" just like Mama. I'll have to find a teapot for him to practice pouring. Thanks for sharing your idea! :)

Deb Chitwood said...

This is wonderful, Jessica! The tea set is so special, and the tea pouring session is a perfect way to reinforce table manners. I'm so glad you linked up with Montessori Monday! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and added your post link to my Grace and Courtesy Games at Home or School post at

MieVee @ said...

Thank you, Jessica! Setia City Mall is too far away from us; I checked out Pavilion today but it doesn't carry this range. Have emailed Parkson for info. My boy LOVES to pretend cook and bake, think he's going to really love this range. Many thanks again!

MieVee @ said...

Parkson has replied very swiftly:

This tin tea set can be purchased at the following stores:-

1.) Parkson Sungai Wang Plaza
2.) Parkson Subang Parade
3.) Parkson Alamanda
4.) Parkson KLCC
5.) Parkson 1 Utama
6.) Parkson Sunway Pyramid
7.) Parkson Setia City Mall

Shopping time, woohoo! :)

curiositykills said...

thank u for the details MV!
cant wait to go back to KL on wed! :)

Jessica_littletiger said...

Thanks Mievie! Happy Shopping :)

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