Shopping Guide

I get ask a lot on where to buy stuff. I guess that makes me

1. A shopaholic
2. An expert shopper for all things children
3. A psycho
4. A selfless, caring mom

I think option no. 4 describes me best but feel free to choose any of the above.
Here is a list of where we I buy most of our things

School stuff  &  Toys

K Mode Marketing Sdn Bhd
A heaven for pegged puzzles, puppets, manipulatives, miniature toys and others.
They are having sales up to 60% till end of 2013.

Address: No. 70, 70A & 70B,
Jalan Intan 1, Taman Puchong Intan,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,


Office: +603 - 8060 7211
Right brain materials until I started making my own which is really easy.
I bought some flashcards but erm, did not use.

For the cute lil people tables and chairs

gift2kids on Facebook
A local importer of all things from China.

For all things M&D, ELC and  oh-so-expensive. Wait for sales. Buy stuff on 50% only and during pre-sale for members :p

Your usual collection of plastic goodness.

Frequently asked:

Foldable tables:
Bought one from Ikea, one from Tesco

Do-A dot markers: 
Bought mine from Think Toys before it closed down. So far, not available locally

Flashcard holder
Bought from for RM29.

Map with Flags
Sponsored by Bumbletoys

Foam letters 
From ELC, Mothercare

Favorite tools I think you should buy :)

Stickers. Lots and lots of em

Abacus beads

Plain blocks

Snake and Ladder


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the ball pit? I am having a really hard time finding a nice one like that.

Jessica_littletiger said...

You can get similiar 3-rings one at Toyrus, Tesco or Giant

eLiLia said...

Where did you get Crayola Dry Erase Board ? Thank you.

nia said...

where did u get leapfrog learning dvds?

Jessica_littletiger said...

Got it from Mango Tango in The Curve

Jessica_littletiger said...

It was on sale in for rm 49.90.
You can download full episodes on Youtube for free :)

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