Thursday, 5 November 2015

Zoo Negara, Malaysia

The kids have been asking about wild animals and 
the zoo is as close as we get to the wild ones.
And by the kids, I mean my son. My daughter is only interested in her boyfriend, Pocoyo.

The Son was excited for days before the trip.
The tickets were a tad expensive for the expereince but
we know it's not easy to maintain a zoo with minimal support from a lousy government.
Unless the monkeys here work in the PM's department, then maybe can upgrade la.

In total, I paid RM 150 for 4 adults (one foreigner price) and 2 kids. 
For the record, I paid since hubs graced us with his presence.

Once inside, we paid a ringgit for the map...and off they went!
I felt tired just from watching them run all over the place and we only just started five seconds ago.

The Kids' Area has this nice little structure.
It could have been better maintained.

Behind that is this little cave with some display.
I am not sure what we are supposed to see here because all we'd seen was cobwebs.

I wanted to ride the pony but they were having a bath. 

There are lots of monkey/gibbons/apes/siamangs.
I cannot differrentiate them.
So, they were all monkeys until I see the signage.

 These Seladangs...mannnnnn.
The son got so excited because one was pooping and my son was shouting.
"Look! It's doing a ta pian...wa lao ehhhhh."
And then the another one next to it started peeing!
God, it was embarrassing to say the least.

We didn't see a single bear in the this was all we did :D

At the deer area, this poor tapir was resting and Tiger started shouting at him, 
"Oh my God...he's dead. Mama! He's deadddddd"

"Oh...he's sleeping...."

"...and lazy."

Dragon spotted this cute little mouse deer.
Sang Kancil, my favorite Malay story character.

As we struggled on in the sweltering heat, Tiger found a snail.
"New pet. Please hold for me."
And I walked around with this in my hands for the rest of the trip.

More seladangs.
I guess these must breed easily. So many of them.

The Chimpanzee and Orang Utan Area.
It's amazing how human like they are.

 Next was the Savannah Area.
The kids were exhausted by now and we rested in a cabana while we observed the zebras.

Trying to get some nice shots with my old phone.

I am no expert but I thought the zebras were magnificent and looked really healthy.

 The giraffe.

After the trip, The Son was so fired up to learn about animals!
We used the map from the Zoo as a guide to the animals we would like to read about.
Just two or three animals daily.
We usually do a little reading and watched some National Geographic documentary on Youtube.
This is us, incorporating interest-led learning into our homeschool :)

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