Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Petrosains Visit 2015

I think Petrosains needs no introduction.
Think of it as Malaysia's modern museum focusing on the petroleum industry.
This is the grand entrance.

Picture from Petrosains website

The kids are getting used to regular 'learning trips'
While Tiger actually learns something new, Dragon's intention is to get rid of excess energy.
The queue was long as we waited for the Dark Ride to take us upstairs.

Once inside, they rushed to whatever display was closest.
They are like a couple of hungry wolves, sometimes.

This is the coin tornado that looks like a funnel.
We've seen one of these in a shopping mall recently as part of a donation drive for the
national kidney foundation. I think we donated rm10 worth of coins then.
At Petrosains, they used metal washers of different sizes.

The electrostatic plasma tube

Used his body as a conductor to transfer the energy to the light tube.
There was a personnel nearby to explain everything.
but Tiger was just happy he was Electric Man for a few seconds.

 Next, is the Outer Space section.
Lots of buttons to keep these boys happy.
It is even better than the Planetarium Negara.

They love Miles From Tomorrowland.

The wind tunnel

The infrared camera

 Model of the interior of a space station

There were hands on activities in almost every section in Petrosains.

The programmable rover (supposedly on Mars)

Next was the dinosaurs display. 
There was a T-rex and the kids kept asking for other dinosaurs.
The information regarding the formation of petroleum were largely ignored.

Next section has a stage for talks and shows.
And tables of tools and gadgets for simple physics

Demo: Using non-fat milk to make curd magnets

The diggers..which they turned off the moment my kids sat on it.
They are turned off during talks and performances.
So, next time, try these first.

A simple mining machine with conveyor belt and pulleys.

The toddler area.

This is the super cool interactive art panels.
Hubs and I were total noobs.
We probably enjoyed these more than the kids :p

The kids were too young to appreciate the oil rig.
"Nothing to see here!"
So, Tiger and I spent our time at this interactive station.
He tried using orange peel oil to create a spark.

Her reaction said it all. 
My kid is farneeeeeee!

Coloring using natural ingredients:
Coffee, tumeric, pandan, red cabbage.

The kids love the race cars exhibit.
Mind game. Using brain waves to move the metal ball? 


The big kid.

She couldn't reach the pedal. Hehe.
So, she disturbed the brother instead :)

Great place, great value.
Call in advance for a reservation if you don't want to wait for tickets.
They have time slots, so you may not get in if it's full.

Visit the Petrosains website for printables and more information.

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