Sunday, 13 September 2015

Legoland Malaysia

Finally, the day Tiger has been yearning for!
Hubs promised to take him Legoland if and only kakak return from Indonesia.
 He actually told kakak on the day she came back,
"Kakak, you cannot go back Indonesia anymore because
papa, mama, Dragon, nai nai and kakak going Legoland." 

Hubs bought the tickets in advanced via their website.
There is a discount for early purchase.
We woke up bright and early despite the fact that Hubs and I attended the Bersih rally in
Dataran Johor and then a beer session the night before.
Just like dating days :)

The next morning, everyone got up early.
 I brought a bag of doodle pads, colour pencils, toys, magnetic board, story books, etc.
I call it the sanity kit.
Here, Dragon is playing with the Mini Lasy set while waiting for everyone to get ready.
So, so useful. A travel-must!

 On arrival, hubs suggested to take the picture at the entrance upon exiting.
Never. Listening. To. Him. Again.
There was an even larger crowd then and I lost the light.
So, here's the iconic entrance without us.

I love reading maps! Hubs is hopeless with maps.
See the underlings. They clearly took after me :)

 He actually said, "Why nobody one?" 
Potty mouth.


This is where they take really adorable driving license pictures of your kid.
Do not take if you cannot resist buying.

 I obviously have no self control la but sooooooo cute.

 Dragon wasn't interested in the cars, so we went around taking pictures.
She is such a little model now, happily posing whenever I ask her to.

Tiger's first ride.

 Then, we all went to the train station, Legoland Express.

Waited around 20 minutes.

 She waited to climb over the railings when the train was full :p

 My personal favourite part of Legoland was the Ninjago Show.
I don't now why but it was such a feel good show.
Maybe because of the air-cond?

Never ever step out of line to play with the Duple blocks.
Because if you try to get back in line, some aunty will pass a snide comment, 
"Berapa orang dia nak potong queue ni?!?"
 "With my slang bahasa yang padat, I turned back and said,
 "Sorry kak, kita dah beratur lama, tapi budak-budak ni nak main kat tepi tu kejap."
The aunty just nodded.  Argument averted.
Did I tell you about the time hubs got into fights because people like to cut queue.
It is a Malaysian thing, I tell you. What's wrong with you people?!?
Why you think your time is more precious than everyone else?
They see a hobbit female --> cut queue.
I may be short but I CAN SEE you and your hairy neck.
 Don't pick the wrong hobbit, I will give it to you. Or at least my husband will.

The laser shooting game

Tiger with his new toy that hubs spent A LOT of money to win.

The observation tower was fun too. So glad we waited for this trip because Tiger is tall enough for most rides. Most importantly, he is a lot braver now than a year ago. 

This was definitely tiring :)


When my huband takes pictures =.="

I thought we were touring the castle...

Ohhh, how thoughtful...they prepare a train so that we don't hace to go on foot.
I even brought Dragon Girl along with kakak.
Hubs raced up and started shouting for them to get off.
I was like, "wtf?"
So, I went with Tger....oohing and aahing at the beautiful castle display...
Such a nice tour...
Then, I see light. "Eh?"
Then, I hear the metal chains.....

Holy Crap. F***
As we went up, I turned to Tiger and his eyes were the almost popping out.
"Mama, is this the roller coaster?"
"Sweetie, Listen to me. You will not fall off and you will not die."
Never said anything with more conviction in my life.


When the ride came to a stop, he said," Stopping? Can I go down now?"
He stepped out with shaky legs and had to squat for 2 minutes.
Me: ROFL. 
MIL and hubs were not pleased.
Needless to say, no more roller coasters for him.
And I get mother of the year award :p

We had lunch near this watering hole. It was so, so hot.
Bring your shades, people. 
You will be burned.

Star wars!
It was beautiful but we are not fans, so we finished this quickly.

The girl who cannot wait to go on all of the rides.
Nap is forgotten :)

We went on this twice, just to get wet :)

A cooler version of teacup rides.

I begged and begged for 30 minutes for this.
Totally worth it, guys. Funniest picture everrrr.

It was around four so, we went for our second round :)
I chose not to go to the water park so that we don't have to rush. 
Second round was even better because the park was almost empty 
and we didn't have to queue at all.

We met Kai and he totally freaked Dragon out. Haha.

My impatient little girl.

She strapped herself in and waved goodbye.

Back at adventure land, we left the kids at the play structure and...

Hubs and I went to Dino Island!
This is the boat ride with the slide and we were soaked to the core.
HAd to pay rm10 to dry our underwear.

We jsut strolled through Imagination Land because we wanted to end at Kingdom.


Tiger loved this ride, he went on it three times.

Another photo session for the girl

This was his favourite part of Legoland
Every boy wants to be a brave knight, I guess?

One more round please!

We had 20 minutes till closing time, they were instantly drawn to this play structure.

The most amazing fort EVER!
The kids and I, would move here if we could.
Love. Love. Love.

I was losing light when we ended our day in Mini World.

 Love the kampung houses.

Legoland is a must go if you have children between the ages of 3 to 6.
Most rides require a minimum height of 100 cm. 
Dragon was just right with her shoes on and some frizz :)
I give it 5 out of 5 stars.


1. Buy your tickets early for discount.
2. Bring lots of water and snacks.
3. Bring strollers becasue the kids will get tired real quick in the heat.
3. Don't forget your umbrellas. There isn't much shade around.
4. Be a fun parent. Join them and go for all the roller coasters!

My girl is officially a Lego fan. 
Tiger? Still with his minions at this point.

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