Wednesday, 16 September 2015

KL Bird Park With Kids

The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is a 20.9-acre aviary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
It houses over 200 species of birds and most are roaming freely in the aviary.
There are more than 3000 birds!!! 
I am not a fan of beaks and claws but it is for the kids. 

The weather was crazy hot and humid on the day we went.
We brought a stroller, so the four kids took turns getting pushed around.
The place is huge, so I assumed the kids would tire quickly with all the walking.
Malaysians, you know....we drive everywhere.

My advise, bring umbrellas, hats, wet wipes and hankies. 
You will need them. 
You can bring your own water bottles.
(Water is expensive inside)

The park is pretty well maintained despite being 24 years old.
That is pretty amazing for anything made in Malaysia.
Our government LOVES building stuff, take pictures with the press,

This is at the main entry.
There were lots of tourists bustling about.
The tickets are not cheap.
We paid rm200 for (4 kids, 2 locals, and our helpers)
We spent about 4 hours in the park.

They are always excited to see fish ponds. 

We spotted a gigantic rat in the love birds' cage and it got everyone excited.

The storks are not shy...

and the kids are braver than I with birds.

This white egrets came as soon as we walked towards the birds/fish food dispenser :)
That's a stork.

This lil bugger is the egret. 
They basically started stalking Tiger.

So many storks!

We tried to name the birds we see but it wasn't easy for novices like us.

The walkways maybe pretty high up, so the adults spent most of our time
shouting at the kids to stop running and be careful :)

The magnificent peacock.

The beautiful owls. The furry ones are adorable.

We took lots of breaks.
It was surprisingly quiet and calm at zone 2.
The roads can be slippery and steep at certain parts, with slopes on one side. So do be careful.
But it's gorgeous and it felt like we were in a reserve forest, apart from the well paved roads :) 

There was a stream, so we decided to go for an adventure.

Another break.

The kids just wanted to spend money on fish food.
There were worms in Deedee's packet.

The kids were happiest at zone 4.
I should mention that no one paid attention to the bird most of the time.
Especially the cage ones.

Spying on the emus.

The very cooling walkway behind the artificial waterfall.

And their absolute favorite part of the trip :)

Coincidentally, it was near the bird show arena and the show was 4 pm,
just 20 minutes waiting time. Lucky us!

Tiger volunteered to hold the hoop for the macaw to fly through.
Fine, I put his hand up. Hehe.
Just pushing him out of his comfort zone :)

He did well!

The education center.
There were incubators and some life cycles information.
But mostly, we just wanted to enjoy the air-cond!


See you next time, bird!

On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being best):

Price: 3
Fun: 4
Educational: 5
Kid-friendliness: 3 (dangerous slopes)

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