Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hello Kitty Town @ Puteri Harbour Johor

The lucky kids got to spend 3 days in Johor over the Merdeka weekend.
All planned by hubs :)
This is a great place for 3-6 years old.
Any older and they will probably think it's lame.
 Most rides require a minimum height of 90cm.

The night before, the lil girl tried on accessories that didn't belong to her.
  Tiger's hat and my sunnies :)

 It only took about 3.5 hours to reach JB from KL since we left early (about 7am)
Again, it was hub's impeccable planning.
We had out breakfast at Tua Thow (non halal).
Super delicious kuay teow soup and cheap too.

 Cooks in JB really put a lot of effort into their cooking. Be prepared to wait.
So, I entertained everyone by irritating them.

Hubs had a large one with innards and all.

Then we made our way to Puteri Harbour and got there at about 11.30AM
 Confession time. I brought my DSLR but I forgot the SD card!!!
Geez man...stupidity in all it's splendor =.="
Thank God for Iphones. 

On this trip, Dragon was super cooperative in our photo taking quest.
I must have taken at least 1000 shots.
How to resist this lil sweetheart? She looks so adorable from every angle.
It's called maternally biased syndrome.
Tell tale sign: You think your kid is always the cutest. 

We paid rm91 each for entry to both Hello Kitty Town and Little Big Club.
The ground floor was souvenir and cafe.
First Floor: Hello Kitty Town
Second Floor: Little Big Club (Barney, Pingu, Bob and Angelina)
Third Floor: Thomas
First up, picture with Melody! 

Barney's school house. 
They really need to fix the lighting here. 
Instead of flatscreen TVs, I wished there were photo props.
It was just a little sparse.

We have the same puzzle at home but this is BETTER =.="

 I don't know who Pingu is but hey, look free arcade games.
My kids LOVE arcade games.
Spent 30 minutes here, I think :)

 The middle shot was when the puck went in :)

Bob The Builder Play Structure

This is the schedule for the weekends for Hello Kitty Town.

 And this is for Little Big Club

 We rushed back downstairs for the show.
"Starlight Sing-a-Long"

She was captivated by the giant cats.

Some craft and photo time

 Before the neext show, we 'chop' places first.

Hello Kitty's home




Then we spent a lot of time at with Thomas.

The bus ride that goes round and round,all the way to the ceiling.

'Don't hold me, I am a big oy now!"

 Harold the Helicopter ride was Dragon's favorite. 
She kept asking for more :)

 The most boring ferris wheel in the world :p

Last ride before closing time

Tiger really enjoyed Bob's show as it was more interactive. 


Closing show

Photo time!

The place wasn't too big and yet we spent the entire day there.
There were many play gigantic play structures like those in Ekids which my kids love.
One entry to Ekids is Rm 50
Here, you get shows, free games, free sand art, free crafts, and all the rides.
Definitely worth the rm 91.

 The kids slept so well that night!
All excited for Legoland the next day :)

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