Monday, 24 August 2015

We Are Going to Legoland

Since the Ringgit is falling like bird crap, literally; our plans for HK Disneyland is colder 
than Anna Wintour. 

And Hubs being the indulgent father that he is, is still adamant to bring the kids to Legoland instead.
Given the current economic situation, the prices are bonkers but
Tiger was already over the moon about the trip at this point.
He has even decided on the Pirate Room for his stay. 

Pirate. Adventure. Kingdom.
According to Tiger.

After a brief discussion, Hubs and I decided to stay at KSL to save some moolah. 
Since the kids are still besotted with dinosaurs, they didn't make a fuss :)

Tiger, who is five isn't a big fan of Lego yet. We have two sets of Lego Duplo and one box of assorted Lego but no one likes them. *shrugs*. Too many other options? Not into building yet? 
In order to get them excited about the trip...we did some random activities pertaining to Legoland
on top of our daily lessons.

The pirate toy sets from ELC and LEGO are crazy expensive, so we make do with this.
RM 27 from Bookxcess.
We are getting thrifty :)

Lucky us, he got a mini Ninja Turtle set from a friend's birthday party. 
He worked on it immediately the next day.

We used some printables from Carisa's Lego Kindergarten Printable Pack 
He didn't complete the whole pack and I don't expect him to,
Just the ones he enjoys, like this cut and paste.

Celebrating their trip in advance like a couple of drunk sailors.

And this is the plan I asked for.
A map of legoland and a scary Freddy lookalike pirate.

Will post more pictures after we return :)

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