Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Our Kakak Went Back to Indonesia for Holiday

Our darling Indonesian helper requested for a 2 months holiday after working here for 2 years and 4 months. She promised to return, so I renewed her 2015 permit, prepared her KTKLN documents and bought 2-way flight tickets.

Her initial salary was rm 700.
I raised it to rm 900 plus a smartphone after 2 years.
When she went home, I didn't retain her salary but I deducted the rm 1700 I paid for her permit renewal and return ticket. It's unnecessary losses on my part should she change her mind.
She agreed.

She left on June 26th and we kept in contact until the first day of Raya.
We were in IKEA and we wanted to wish her Selamat Hari Raya! but I couldn't get through.
I called every single day and it was always the telco operator on the other end.
I had to face the fact that the line was terminated.
After a few weeks of hearing the telco's voice, we became friends. I call her Ain.

"Nombor yang anda dial.... "

Hi Ain, have you heard from my kakak?

Hello Ain, kakak saya sihat keh?

Hello Ain, boleh suruh kakak call back?
One MONTH of anxiety, worry and sleepless nights will turn you into a nutcase.
Except for a select few, everyone and I mean EVERYONE told me,
"She's not coming back"

It reminded me of The Carrot Seed.
My MIL, husband and I were the little boy.
We had sown the seed and just waiting to see if it turns into a carrot despite all the pessimism.

On August 15th, I waited nervously for my turn on AirAsia's Live Chat
to check if she had boarded the plane.
It's absolutely no fun when you are number 74 and the line is disconnected when you're 65.
*curse words*

 Reconnect....and I am number 86
*more vulgar language used*
After one hour of waiting impatiently and nervously,
I typed in her booking number, flight number and name and waited for what seemed like an eternity.
"Yes boarded."

 The two most beautiful words in English language.

I screamed in joy and startled Tiger. Haha.
Then we all rushed to get to the airport in time.
The happiness and excitement in the air was palpable :)

On the way to KLIA2, Winnie called, "Why are ALL of you going?"
"Because she is family."

It's been three days since she's returned and I still cannot believe my luck.
My sister said it's like winning the Grand Prize of 4D.
The odds were 1:1000

The reason we couldn't contact her was as suspected: phone theft.
 Still, she came back!
She must really love our Little Dragon :)

Notes on KTKLN card and documents:
It is still a requirement.
So is surat cuti. Her salary is stated as rm900 in the letter.
The documents cost me rm 650 via my agent.
If you do it yourself at the Indonesian Embassy, its only rm 230.

Back in Indonesia,  she asked an agent in her town to do it since
her place is very far from Semarang.
It cost about rm 300

Her traveling back cost:
2 months paid leave + surat cuti documents + KTKLN card + gifts+ flight tickets
rm 1800 + 650 + 300 + 300 + 800
Total: rm 3850

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