Wednesday 18 January 2012

Shopping: Tiger's First Play Kitchen

I have been eyeing the IKEA play kitchen for some time now.
Unfortunately it is not foldable and not storage-friendly.
It's not like I live in a mansion.

Then I saw this cutie in the shop.
This is an impulse buy on my part since Tiger loves to pretend cook and eat.
It is very pink but it is for mei mei too   ^.^

This is a picture of the original set:
Picture from

Mommy replaced the ugly blue windows with a cute cloth from Daiso.
I also left out the tacky stickers.
Then I printed out some labels for the stove, sink, oven and refrigerator
 and velcro-ed them.
A laminated sign board with Tiger's Chinese name completed the setup.

He already has some felt fruits and tons of utensils.
Tiger couldn't manipulate the tight stove knobs but hey, no problem.
Since this is a Made in China product, I'll leave it on and Tiger only have to slap the stove to on & off.
Just like a super high tech touch-stove!

The middle lid of condiment container was broken.
So, I made some clip art labels and mod-podged them.

His old place mat for table setting.
No chopsticks for now.

Little J came to play twice and they didn't fight...
Well, more like Little J didn't bully Little Tiger  ^.^
The cutest little chefs having a huggy huggy time after a hard day at work.

These little boys are best friends now.
They can actually share a chair!
This chair is probably the most stable and comfortable one you can get for RM 30+
Available at USL

The New Setup, again :)

Guess who's cooking for reunion dinner this year?

@@@ 4 days to Chinese New Year @@@


Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica,

i like your blogs.. saw you have a green chair
Available at USL.. did you also buy their table as well? I am looking for a desk and a chair.. seeems couldn't find a suitable one for my 25months boy. He is active so i want something that is sturdy ... any recommendation?


Jessica_littletiger said...



I didn't get the table from the same store. The bottom of the table looked unfinished :p

I bought SUNDVIK set from IKEA for his study table. The table is very sturdy but the chair is such a disappointment that cost RM99. He flipped over backwards the day I put it out. Now he is very careful with when he sits on it :p.

I also have the MAMMUT from IKEA in the living area.

ELC have some nice ones that are very sturdy if you are interested. They have it in blue, pink and brown

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