Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Still life drawing: Sunflowers

When I came home from work yesterday, I was greeted with a "Mama, see MY sunflowers!?!"
His sunflowers. Like he did anything besides throwing compost everywhere.
I was actually super excited too. The first plant that survived...woohoo!
Everything else I'd planted from seedlings died...unintentionally, of course.
This time I told our kakak, "Jaga baik baik, ok. Kalau mati saya nangis."
(Take care properly. If die again, I will cry)
Bless my helper.
So pretty :)

Since we are learning about flowers, I suggested a drawing session.
We used Buncho oil pastel for this project.
They are Tiger's fav art material at the moment.

Here he was contemplating, as usual. Followed by: I cannot, this is hard.
I am so used to his pessimism/perfectionism, I just brush them aside effortlessly.
JUST TRY, will be my usual respond.

This artist went to work without asking. 
She walked around the whole night with her work, admiring it. 
"Whoa, nice"
No shame, this one.

Focus level: 2 out of 10
She went from painting to cycling after one minute.
I hope she chooses to be someone amazing, like an adventurer or environmentalist.
Something that we normal people only dare to dream of.
She would suck at being anything confined to a cubicle...hihi...pity her future husband.

Her focus level is as good as mine...the way I digress, I apologize.
What was it I was...ohhh, sunflowers...
Tiger started of with a simple outline.

 I took a picture with my phone and zoomed in to see the details.
So cool, right?
How did people live before technology?

 We added some glitter because mama's cool like that

For some reason, this is my fav piece thus far.

In 20 years, he may produce a Van Gogh, like this!
A mother can dream :)

This was more enjoyable and simpler than I thought.
Next time, Cezanne-inspired?

I helped Tiger with the leaves outline, the rest is all his work.

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