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Hand Trampoline aka OgoSport Disks

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The kind people from TOY TAG INTERNATIONAL sent this to us for a review.
And it's AWESOME!!!
It's called OgoSport Mini Disk: a hand trampoline.
Way cool, right?
Hubs and I were exhausted after a round.
Great for losing weight!

A close up of the cute Ogosoft ball.

It is now residing in the Kid's Sport Bar.
Okay la, it is just a box with their sport equipments but I gave it a snazzy name.
Besides, who doesn't love a bar?
The other items we own are as labelled:
The golf clubs are dangerous weapons in the hands of kids.
The bowling game has been ignored for god knows how long.
And the racquets...hahaha...waste of money.

The only thing they frequently play with are the OgoSport disks.
It comes in handy as a sunshade as well :p

We usually go to the nearby field so that we can run around like hooligans.
Tiger is so funny because  he is not very coordinated.
(sucks at dancing, typical nerd)
He thinks we are laughing together but I am laughing at him, most of the time.
He gets frustrated after some time but like any skill in life, you need to practise and persevere.
And he is getting better! More coordinated and we can actually have a relay.
Future Dato Lee Chong Wei?

He despise picking up the balls repetitively (like his mama).
Lucky for him, his sister decided to become a professional ball picker-upper. 
 So fun to watch them cooperating and working together, for once. 
On another occasion, we tried using a small rubber ball and it works just fine.
If you are super coordinated, I guess you can use several balls and juggle.
I juggle ONE ball with a disk on each hand and the kids were like,
*brush dirt off shoulder with a smirk*

We tossed the disks upwards to see whose can go higher.
The rings are very durable, so no worries. 

Tiger then bounced the ball upwards, to try to reach the moon.
I asked him, "Do you know why the disks and balls always fall back onto the ground?"

Instead of answering my questions, he asked:
"Mama, this moon got eyes or not?"
"How far is the moon"
"How come it's not dark but got moon?"
"Where is the sun?"

Princess was on a ball picking mission but she was distracted by a path on the field...

...and a mound of hardened earth.
Before she ran off to chase after a stray dog.

Outdoor activities is a must for us.
It gives the kids a chance to let off some steam.
Keeping your body active is good for the brain and soul.
They sleep better (yay!)
They learn about teamwork.
I insist that children should fall and learn to pick themselves up
Tiger had a minor fall and insisted I give him a piggy back ride home.

So, Dragon girl got to ride the balance bike home, which is another wonderful
outdoor equipment.
Sorry about the terkangkang legs but I love this pic!

The OgoSport Mini Disks

  • Mini flies the farthest and its small target area increases difficulty.
  • Bounce any ball -- for summer fun, try it in the pool with water balloons!
  • Winner of Parents Choice Award 2007
  • Winner of TD monthly Innovations Award 2007
Each set includes one bright-blue and one orange disk with one OgoSoft ball. 
EVA foam ring. 
Nylon-spandex membrane center.

The reviews on Amazon are excellent!
Watch a video on it here

You can purchase from:
Follow Toy Tag International on their Facebook here

 Pssst....Lazada is having a 20% discount now, so go get it!

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