Monday, 18 May 2015

Dinoscovery KL, Avenue K

 I casually showed Tiger a picture of his cousins at Dinoscovery in Avenue K, KL
and surprise, surprise....he wanted to go too.

In order to be acquainted with at least a few dinos before the trip,
we added bits of dinosaur activities that week,
Okay, I was more of a full blown dinosaur-madness,
extravaganza homeschool week.

Oh, one more thing. 
You know how I've always advocated for play-based learning and kinda not so into flashcards?
Well, I was reading a dino book to him and he asked casually,
"Can you find the dinosaurs flashcards for me?"
Holy macaroni!! The last time I flashed that one set of dino cards...he was two!
Never underestimate their super human brain!

 Anyway, We I planned the trip on Mother's Day because they had free tickets for mothers!!
Also, because we could conveniently park at KLCC in case hubs decides to buy 
me a bag  small present for giving birth, to honour my stretch marks, 
show appreciation and love to the mother of his children, etc.
(he didn't) 
Times are tough now, I know. I'll take a rain check on that.

There wasn't much of a crowd that day, thank goodness.
First thing we noticed was a gigantic brontosaurus (I think) with a swinging tail outside.
All the sauropods look the same to me.
The kids kept wanting to catch it :)
Tiger doing a Jordan pose which I caught using my swell Iphone6.
A shout-out to hubs for the new phone.

I only knew 3 dinosaurs...lolx.
Terrible, I know. Looking back now, I can probably name 6.

It was pretty dark and noisy inside.
But my little paleontologist is all grown up and brave now.
Dragon girl hated it! Haha...Until we got to Race A Therapod

The kids got a torchlight and a touch card to activate the display screens.
They were also given a map and little stickers to complete a search quest.

 This triceratop's head was moving, so it scared him a little.
Took some time to assure him that they weren't really alive.
"You said they all DIED!!"
"Babe, relax. It's animatronics"
"Oh, like robots...they look real."

Styracosaurus, erm ....right?

 Some spindly back dinosaur

One of the duck-billed ones, Parasaurolophus?

We raced the therapod so many times!
It was exhausting since Dragon girl wanted to be held.
It was basically motion sensor with animation la but the kids were amazed!

Tiger was scared of the Tyrannosaurus Rex!!!
They are the kings, after all :)

 There was a sand pit at the end of the show for some fossil digging.
Kids and sand...WIN!
Spent some 40 minutes here while hubs and MIL had coffee at the cafe.

 Dragon girl finally found something she enjoyed.
A little ball popping volcano :)

The 3D movie section was closed due to technical issues.
And nope, no discount was given.

As the ever kiasu mom, we went back and read all the dinosaurs names again.
Then we pretended we were being chased by them and ran around.
There was no one there to witness our craziness la.

I bought this gorgeous poster for Tiger as a souvenir.
We were exhausted after that that totally forgot to buy Garrett's!!
Hubs was like..."Mother's Day or Children's Day?"
"Same." I replied.
They are my world, afterall. 

Next up: Dinosaur week

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