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April 2015: Farm Animals Week

Our 'homeschool' is back in full swing after Tiger has fully adapted to his life as a kindergartener.
That means no longer crying.
He likes ALL of his teachers. Happy dance
He is able to converse in Chinese now. Break dance
And most importantly, he has a best friend in school. Yay! Twerking

Why do we homeschool when he is already attending kindergarten?
There are many reasons.
Firstly, it has become a routine for us. It's school time after dinner.
It is also MIL's rest and TV time.
We use this time to explore whatever question Tiger asked when I was busy.
"Why is there wind?"
"Why is night dark?"
"Why dinosaurs die?"
I enjoy it, the kids love it. Why the heck not?

In April, the weather was lovely in the evening, so we hung out in the park mostly.
One of the days, Tiger noted a blanket of pink flowers on the ground and we had the best time
tossing and collecting them. 

It is raining so much now in May, my kids are going bonkers.
"Park! Park, park!!" 
I swear they are turning into little icky monsters without outdoor play.
I don't love it personally, but I do it for my sanity.

 My almost three year old.
Can't reach the ground yet?
No problem, I'll just half sit and half slide off .
I know I should trust her but she really pushes all my panic buttons 
 So cute, ain't she? Hehe.

 She walks around with this hat and bag. ALL. THE. TIME.
My little stylo mylo girl.
Hat: A kiosk in Sunway Pyramid
Bag: rm6 from China (gift from Winnie)
Shirt: Uniqlo
Pants: Cotton On
( blogger in the making :D)

 She doesn't just walk around, acting all cool and cute.
Sometimes, she reads too.
But ONLY if the book has animals or Mickey in it.
This is still one of her favorite book to date.
The others being the four Words, Words, Words books from Grolier.
Dress: H&M
All of her hair accessories are from China.
Winnie buys so much, the people there thought she has a hair clip shop.

She adores this 3D animals magnetic puzzle.
She erms...slices the animals apart and puts them back together thousands of times.
It is quite brutal to watch.
She says stuff like," Cut, haha, cut cut cut!"
 3D magnetic farm puzzle: Benho (china brand)
PJs: Only RM16 from Facebook seller. Love it!!

 She also learned some threading that week with this Froebel J2 set.
The only reason she could string so many was to make a snake to drag up and down the stairs.
I'll accept whatever motivation she has, as long as she is cooperating,
 Froebel J2: From groupbuy. Currently closed.
Shirt: Guess
Pants: Mothercare
(I am so enjoying this. Feel like a fashion editor already)

Of course, farm means pretend play extravaganza!!
I had grand plans of creating a mini farm plot but no time laaaa.
So, this Farm Shop is close enough la and a more realistic setup.

They were sooooo interested for 3-4 days. =.="
Perhaps it was because there were not enough customers. Only kakak and I :p
Dragon is most uncooperative because she dislike sharing anything with Tiger.
 Toy cashier from ELC
PJs: Mothercare

 One of the more peaceful days.
Dragon was cheerfully saying "Thank you" to Tiger the whole time.
Only happens once in a blue moon. Will treasure this moment forever.

For their printables and play money, I used Twinkl.
We only accept Euros, sorry. 

 For fine motor and practical life, I created a 'milk' pouring activity from white Crayola paint.
By preparing only one set, they were forced to take turns without any eye poking or hair pulling.

 A 3D book from Enfagrow that provided a backdrop for our mini animals
Mini Farm Animals from ELC

 We also used them with this Farmyard Families printable from The Helpful Garden.
There are loads of free Montessori printables there, so please check it out.

 We read lots of farm animals books but my personal favorite was 

He asked me about plants and animals and why we eat?
So, I thought he was ready for a lesson on Living vs Non-living.
I was right.
It is a breeze to teach a child who is ready to learn.
When they are ready for a topic, they just sponge it up.
Wish someone had told me this when he was one.
They do not sponge up everything you flash to them.
They absorb what they are interested in. Something that strikes their curiosity.
Do not let those moment slip past.
Grab it. Explore. Ask questions. Search for answers.
And learning becomes a natural process. 

For math, he is still doing some simple additions.
I just introduced skip counting by five to him.

For Chinese, I have no idea what he is doing in school.
We just read lots of picture books before bedtime.

In keeping with the farm theme, here's our pitiful effort at farming.
But then again, it grew into a mini kailan :)
He is still not very comfortable with the idea of getting dirty but we are improving.
Mud pie kitchen will have to wait a while.

We got this set of Usborne from Winnie because she unknowingly bought two sets.
*rolls eyes*  I know...she is a true shopaholic.
 Tiger went through it and he was appalled by the number books he already owned.
They remember whatever you say or read to them.
So, don't say things you do not mean and be mindful of the promises you make.

 Our pictures may paint a deceivingly sweet and organized homeschool life, 
but most of the time, someone is crying or yelling, 
someone is blinded by glitter/paint/saliva,
someone lost a finger,
someone's hungry,
someone just wants to yell for no reason.
And I only have 2 kids. *sweat*

 Here's to keeping it real.

We learned about farm animals briefly when Tiger was 14.5 months old. 
You can read about it here
And our visit to Farm In The City here.
There is no part 2 to Farm in The City because I got lazy :p

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