Wednesday 17 August 2011

Right Brain: Free download of resources

Links to flashcards to download for FREE to get you started:

1. This is Shen Li's blog. Very informative on early learning.
2. Shichida & Glenn Doman parenting site. Has ESP, memory games and many others.
3. Shichida parents website
4. This is HUGE.
5. Gorgeous printouts in cartoon form
6. Cartoon flashcards

If you are planning to download & print, consider using a CISS system with your Canon or HP printers. So much friendlier on your pocket!!

RM 239 for printer + CISS system + free ink
Refill: RM 10/bottle

Other hardwares you will need:
Paper cutter

You will need a laminator as well.
I purchased mine for RM79 during Popular sales.

 Happy DIY!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog Sooo.... Much!!!
Thank you for sharing this with us!!

Anonymous said...

I want to teach our kids chinese using these methods. Any good tips on reasources?

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